Gambit System


This is a script by Oz and translated to English by me. Because of that you have to give credit to Oz as well as me. What this does it allows you to make a programmable AI for your characters to change during the game and execute it during battle through auto battle. Yanfly has a nice auto-battle script here.

What are Gambits?

From the FF Wiki page on Gambits

Gambits are a functionality of the Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings battle systems. During the game, combat can be controlled manually and programmed via the use of gambits; manually entered commands take precedence and their immediate execution will interrupt gambit programming. The gambit system is similar to the Macro system found in Final Fantasy XI.

Hiroyuki Ito was in charge of creating the battle system for Final Fantasy XII and his motivation for the gambit system was to create a “single-player online game” where the player would have independently acting party members who would still act the way the player wanted them to. The gambit system works on the same basic programming algorithms used for the monsters in the SNES Final Fantasy games.”

Gambit Setup(Items)

condition = {insert condition here} This is the condition
targets = {insert targets here} party or troop
backcolor = {insert background color here} This is the system color

Item Notetags

[add gambit slot] The item adds a Gambit Slot to the actor

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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10 thoughts on “Gambit System

  1. fsimmo

    Nice script. But I can’t figure out how to use the conditions where you have to enter a (type). Like on line 102 for example:

    def self.specific_state_target(states, type)

    Any help figuring this system out would be appreciated.

  2. Nick

    he did not make it, just translated it

  3. Lear

    Any chance you could post the original script designers thread?

  4. hey can u tranlate the gambit system

  5. can u do a pokemon evlions srcipts

  6. do u got any pokemon battlers

  7. Lionheart

    Nice script … But how they fit the conditions?!?
    You can also do a little demo of this system?

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