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I made this page so people can ask questions about the kit. Especially the demo is right around the corner. Please feel free to ask anything you want to know. Just read what has already been asked to avoid asking a repeat question.


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  1. So is this project dead?

  2. Why when i start the game it says error unable to find file?

  3. ElNach

    Graphics\Pokémon Icons it’s lost

    • ElNach

      Missing_graphics: Graphics/Pokémon Icons/icon001 to Graphics/Pokémon Icons/icon722

  4. So I am getting a few errors. The first is the following after inserting all the extras and trying to open the menu or start a battle.

    Shadow Pokémon:522:in `box_icon’: The class Gallade does not have an icon file for
    it. Please make sure that you make one for it. Refer to Crystal Engine –
    Box Storage for naming infromation. (SyntaxError)
    from Party Sized Menu v1.00:88:in `draw_item’
    from Window_Selectable:409:in `block in draw_all_items’
    from Window_Selectable:409:in `times’
    from Window_Selectable:409:in `draw_all_items’
    from Window_Selectable:440:in `refresh’
    from Window_MenuStatus:18:in `initialize’
    from Graphical Object Global Reference:147:in `new’
    from Graphical Object Global Reference:147:in `new’
    from Scene_Menu:43:in `create_status_window’
    from Scene_Menu:15:in `start’
    from Ace Menu Engine v1.07:440:in `start’
    from Real Time Menu Window:152:in `start’
    from Crystal Menu:46:in `start’
    from Scene_Base:12:in `main’
    from MOG_Weather_EX:694:in `main’
    from Graphical Object Global Reference:201:in `main’
    from Video Player:153:in `run’
    from Map Screenshot:971:in `run’
    from Screenshot taker:215:in `run’
    from Main:10:in `block in ‘

    Along with this, from what few glimpses I see before the battle starts the Pokemon are basically on top of each other.

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