Boss Battles

This is a feature that is not included in the original Pokemon Games, but I feel like it is a cool feature to implement.

For the most part a lot of the setup is just like setting up a Pokemon. With a few changes.

  1. You may or may not want your boss to have types so you can exclude Types and everything associated with them.
  2. You probably don’t want the player to be able to catch the boss and use it in a battle, so you don’t need anything to do with breeding, a catch rate or an EXP Growth Chart.
  3. Your boss does not need a learnset or access to skillsets and/or equipment. That is set in the enemy section via notetags.
  4. You probably want the boss to have a lot of HP. It is advised that you set the base HP really high, even possibly into the thousands.

The rest of the info is set up in the enemy tab. You will set up your boss in an empty slot in the enemies tab. Make sure to name your boss.

You need to add the following notetags:

<textnote: universal>

<no class sprite>

<no shiny>

<no catch>

Next you need to set the class of the boss to the class you defined in the database.

To do this add: <class: id> Where id is the id of the class used for the boss.

You also have to add <level: x> where x in the level. This will make the boss at the level you desire instead of level 1.

Finally, you need to set its moves.

use the the tab <moves: x, x> where you place a series of comma separated numbers. Each number corresponds the the skill with that id in the Skills Tab.

That is all that you are required to do, but you can use the Gold, Drop Items, Action Patterns, and Features section to add more information.


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