Crystal Engine – Pokemon Battle HUD

Pokemon Battle HUD


This script make it so, you can have visual HUDs for both you and you opponent. In the video is a battle form Pokemon Black 2 showing off the HUD from that game. This script is fully compatible with Victors Active Time Battle script. If you want some HUD graphics click here.

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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24 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Pokemon Battle HUD

  1. looks pretty nice ^^

  2. Do you have instructions on how to use the HUD?
    I run it and it gives me error

    Script name of game line 447:NoMethodError ocurred
    undefined method”level” for#

  3. ledor

    when i try to run this it says
    script ‘battle HUD’ line 104: SyntaxError occured
    the scrpt ‘crystal engine – pokemon battle hud’ requires the latest
    version of ‘crystal engine – basic module’ to work properly.

    but i have put in that script many times, but still doesnt work

  4. DarkWing229

    Hey lad! Love your stuff! 🙂 Mind you, is there a way that I could, say, move the whole HUD thing around the screen to change the layout?

  5. F

    Hi, I’m having an issue with the enemy bars. They get in the way when I open the Items or Abilities menu in battle. They do not go into the background, the blue menu box does not go over it, and that makes it impossible to read the items and abilities names. Thanks in advance

    • I uses MOG Clean Layout for this. The script makes the item and skill menus and places them at the bottom of the screen where they are not covered.

  6. rg90184

    I’m having an issue, the command bar is not showing up, although the hp bars and such are fine.

  7. rg90184

    the command bar has disappeared after putting in this script, any recommendations?

  8. Dominik

    Hey, I’ve got a Problem here. The Enemy HUD’s are in front of the Menus which makes its impossible what skills are on the 1st Place

  9. Gabriel

    where i paste the script?

  10. bill

    why does it say I require the latest enemy classes and levels to work properly?

    • The script needs to display the enemy levels. Install the script and try again.

      • bill

        I’m sorry for keeping on bugging you but I’m a real noob at this. How do I exactly install the script?

      • In the script list there is a script titled “(Insert here)”. The script has directions for them. All you have to do is right click on that script and click the choice “Insert” on the menu that pops up. That makes a blank script. Simply paste the code in the empty slot you created. Don’t forget to give the slot a name so you can find.

  11. hello
    I wonder if it is possible to hide the hud enemy that his hide?
    and that the hidden enemy appears hud appears too.
    thank you

  12. hi, my problem is in the line 621…

    undefined local variable or method ‘info_viewport’ for #

  13. Gh0stride

    I have a legit question am i able to move around the entire hud to display it to the left of the menu

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