Menu Scripts


6 thoughts on “Menu Scripts

  1. ncognitoshadow

    What lets me have the pokemon style menu? ive looked on the scripts but i cant seem to find it

    • Party Menu
      Pokémon Status Screen
      Pokémon Skill Screen

      These three replicate various parts of the menu. They are completely independent, but can be used together.

      • ncognitoshadow

        i got that. but in your demo it had the actual pokemon menu with the pokedex n all that listed on the right side of the screen. I cant figure out how you did that

      • Crystal Menu + Ace Menu Engine(Yanfly) + Animated Windows(Tsukihime)

  2. Moises

    Is there a way to make it so that you can have a pokemon menu and a trainer menu? I want to make it so that the trainer can fight and hold Armor/WPN’s. Maybe with one with D and they other with J?

    • Not in its current state, no. That seems to be a concept that keeps occuring. Once, I get the kit carrying out the basic functions properly. I’ll look into more unorthodox mechanics.

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