Bug Subbmission

This is were I would like to have  bugs related to Crystal Engine scripts posted. I will deal with compatibility errors to a limited degree, but that is not my main focus. In other words I will not solve every compatibility error in existence, but if the script is widely used or could be used with one of my scripts really well I will look into it.

Some examples of well known scripts are:

When submitting a bug for my scripts (not a compatibility error), please include the script and version number and what the bug is and how you got it. The error message would also be nice. Compatibility issues should be reported by telling me all custom scripts in your projects with version numbers were applicable. Describe the error and how you got it. Finally I need links so that I can get all the custom scripts to see if I can replicate the error and resolve it.


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  1. http://prntscr.com/4v7njv I get this issue whenever I start a battle with Dratini.

  2. Davi

    In Pokemon for Ace version 7, when any Pokemon evolves, the game chrashes.
    “Unable to find file:
    Please check the debug console for more informations” or something like that.

  3. I think someone already posted about this in the respective script post, but anyway.

    In Crystal Engine – Equipment Weight, with YEA – Ace Equip Engine, the wieght window does appear in the equipment menu, but if you change actor while inside the menu (with ‘Q’ and ‘W’), the weight window don’t refresh; the weight that appear in the window is that of the first character you opened the equipment window with, even if the window is displaying another character.

    I hope you could look into it.

    Also, Your scripts are awesome, thank you for all ot them!

    And sorry for bad english.

  4. Eyusd

    For the Pokemon Engine System, there’s a bug : There’s an error message who say that “Trainer Classes.rvdata2” is missing ! Where can I find that file ?

  5. Rhenaud33

    Hi ! ^^ I have a problem… When I want to open the .rxproj2, RPG Maker shows the message “Unexpected file format” and do nothing more. What can I do ? (I downloaded ogg musics, graphics and the version 7 of your Pokémon Starter Kit) Thanks to help me ! ^^ (And good job for all this work ! Your game is nice ! :p

  6. okk

    Basic Module v1.17 yields errors when winning a battle, even if it is the only script installed:
    “Script ‘Basic Module’ line 210: NameError occurred. uninitialized constant CRYSTAL::EXP”
    Installing the Exp Gain Formula script with it causes a different error to replace this:
    “Script ‘Basic Module’ line 225: ArgumentError occurred. wrong number of arguments(1 for 0)”

  7. Sly

    Everytime i try to get a pokemon from someone it says unable to find file,PLS HELP

  8. MoonDrops

    Alright so

    1. Pokemon crash when they evolve,
    2.when pokemon level up they learn every move that they have deleated in the past or could learn at an earlier level(Extreamly annoying and partly game breaking) also if you try and say no to learning a move yo need to do it multiple times for some reason, also if you use the b button to say no to learning a move it cancels the learning screen but the text and move options will remain and then the game will crash if you confirm or push b again.
    3.would you please continue with this project when you have time?

  9. Ovix1

    Whenever I battle Hugh, I get “Script ‘Shadow Pokemon’ line 487:SyntaxError occurred.
    Error occurred, check the debug console for more information.”

  10. Fernanda

    Is this place still alive or what?
    With Pokemon for Ace it crashes when pokemon evolves (tried with Snivy), it stops working when trying to switch pokemon when asked during battle… When pokemon faints you lose even though you have other pokemon ready to fight….
    There are also some other random ones that sometimes happen…

  11. JustZero

    This project could have been great, but I just don’t feel like you’re investing any time into this anymore. More importantly, I have noticed most major bugs presented to you over the time this has existed, have never been given a response to, as if you either don’t want to help those willing to put time into trying out a project you’ve built, or you can’t help cause you’re just not that great at this. Hopefully you’ll continue this project one day and figure out how to get it fixed, maybe then more people would be able to find enjoyment in this. Until then, best of luck.

  12. SigmaAoi

    If anyone comes looking for how to fix evolution, it may just be that an ME file is missing- I think I fixed it by changing the ME in the line “RPG::ME.new(\”57 Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evo\”).play”, from the evolution script (that and maybe a few other lines- not sure).
    Now if only I could fix the bug that crashes the game anytime the player loses against a trainer that has more healthy Pokemon than the one that defeated your party. :/

  13. When I tried to Save, I got an error in the Shadow Pokemon script.

  14. Jacob Savage


    This is the debug console screen I see.

    Not sure why, as far as I can tell, every reference is correct.


  15. Cory Phillips

    Hi, let me start by saying this is an amazing system. Thanks for putting it together! 🙂 im really excited to make my own pokemon game, but it seems to crash every time EVs are being awarded. im just playtesting in celadon and i get the error:
    Script ‘Item Effects’ line 213 NoMethodError Occured

    I am running 8.2 Crystal Engine

    also, whats the compatibility like with Yanfly’s enemy levels script? my goal is to create a more free roam feel in a pokemon game so wild pokemon, trainers and gym leaders cant just be outleveled.

    I hope you read this and get back to me,
    Thanks Crystal

  16. BrodieM


    ^^^ Whenever I try to playtest the game

  17. redcachalot

    Hi, and thanks again for rebuilding and upgrading this awesome kit.

    I’m using version 8.2 and it playtests normally at last.

    But there are several bugs that I’ll list below:

    1)The Professor intro sequence doesn’t play. It can only be skipped, otherwise if you say no to “skip intro” then you get:

    Unable to find file: Error occurred, check the debug console for more information.

    in-Battle Playtest bugs that cause the game to crash:

    2) Sometimes When I use an attack
    Script ‘Delayed Attack’ line 76: NoMethodError occurred.
    3)Script ‘Item Effects’ line 213: NoMethodError occurred.

    4) When the wild Pokemon uses an attack
    Script ‘Lunatic Damage v1.01’ line 306: NoMethodError occurred

    5) Let alone catch something, I can’t even throw a Pokeball
    Script ‘Pokemon Battle System’ line 3746: NoMethodErrror occurred

    6)Losing a battle displyed the “Player Blacked out message” but then…
    Script ‘Multiple Map layers’ line 109: NoMethodError occurred.

    Outside of Battle bugs that cause the game to crash:

    7)Whenever a trainer locks eyes and walks forward to the player the battle doesn’t start… Instead:
    Script ‘Dungeon Generation’ line 697: NoMethodError occured.

    8) During evolution (you have to use rare candies because you can’t level up by battling buggy wild Pokemon)
    The evolution animation plays until completion, but before the confirmation message is displayed the following happens like in version 7.

    Unable to find file: Error occurred, check the debug console for more information.

    Please keep working at it. This engine is so close to becoming 100%!!!!! 🙂

  18. redcachalot

    9) During battle, If only one pokemon from your party is defeated, then somehow the player loses the battle and the player blacked out message and bug #6 occurs. At the moment, only one on one battles are possible.
    Fortunately, switching out your pokemon still works. But if only only one pokemon is Ko’d, then its game over!

  19. redcachalot

    Here are screenshots of the bug-crashes that I’ve tried to cause the engine to re-enact:

    #1) intro doesnotplay

    #2.1) Aerodactyl tried to use fly

    #2.2) Jolteon tried to use discharge while surfing ~ a new one that I discovered today.

    #4) Whenever a Pansage attacks

    #5) tried to use a pokeball on a wild Pikachu:

    #6) if you lose a battle

    #7) He saw me but didn’t walk up to me:

    #8) evolution error

    #9) Too difficult to re-enact bug-crash #9)… but I hope you fix it!!!

    #10) EXP cannot be awarded for winning ~ the same one as Cory Phillips

    • SigmaAoi

      Just put something in your Audio/BGM folder named Professor’s Intro for #1, and fanfare in your Audio/ME for #8. Or remove where they play: just CTRL+SHIFT+F search fanfare in the script editor and remove the line that shows up from the Evolution Script for instance.

  20. ShirumiAkai

    Hi ! I have a problem with the version 8 of Pokemon for Ace, it says, “Please run a virus-check, then reinstall the application.” I have reinstalled many times, but it still doesn’t work. (I’m sorry if the question was already asked)

    • SigmaAoi

      Try putting the game files into an empty project (make a new one, then just copy everything so that it actually *replaces* the new project’s files). Maybe also try changing the name of the project in the “Terms” section of the editor- my computer didn’t like the accent mark in “Pokémon”… though I’m not sure that part actually mattered for getting it to *run*.

  21. SigmaAoi

    I’ve worked through some other bugs with incredibly rough fixes, but I’m sort of stuck with the #9 redcachalot described above. For me it only occurs during wild battles (trainers work just fine): even if I have other Pokemon in stock it ends the battle when one is defeated.

    • SigmaAoi

      After a bit of fiddling, I think I’ve fixed it. My level of scripting knowledge isn’t the best and I was mostly just shooting in the dark (so I might have made some mistake), but I just added a check for if all reserve party members were dead in the “Death Common Events” script before it processed the common event, and made it so if it failed the check to not process the DCE and instead bring up the switch screen. So now the area around line 270-ish looks like this:

      def process_party_wipe_event
      return unless $game_party.all_dead?
      return if YEA::DEATH_EVENTS::WIPE_OUT_EVENT <= 0
      if ($game_party.all_members-$game_party.battle_members).all? {|a| a.dead? }
      @switching = true

      I also added another check around line 140-ish, but I doubt that one's actually necessary. Dunno if that's a clean fix (for all I know there's some terrible mistake in what I did)- like, is that the correct way to open up the switch screen without any problems? But… uh. It seems to have worked for now…?

  22. redcachalot

    Thank you for solving the riddle of evolution and the nonstarting intro!!!!!!

    Now if we could only throw some pokeballs and have battles that don’t crash!

    But bugcrash (#9) is a bit more of a fiddle.

    I inserted it like this:

    I got my Gallade to faint while battling a wild lvl42 Roggenrola, despite having two other party members in my team, but:

    Well, at least this time the “defeat” music plays ~ though I don’t know what is the real name of the theme.

    More bad news in the form of another bug-crash discovery:

    BUG-CRASH #11) If you wait too long / being idle on the start menu screen causes this:

    What is note-worthy is that the BGM changes to the “new game screen” music when this crash occurs.

    Please keep at it! It’s just a bit more left to completion! 🙂

    • SigmaAoi

      The problem that causes the gameover crashing may be that the revival point in the Pokémon Party Wipe script is set to an overlay map by default. Change the Map_id from 5 to 6 (and probably mess with the x and y position) and it *should* be fixed… probably. Dunno about the early gameovers though- maybe changing around line 140 in the Death Common Events script as well does make the difference? Try:

      class <<self; alias process_defeat_dce process_defeat; end
      def self.process_defeat
      if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Battle)
      return unless $game_party.all_dead?
      if ($game_party.all_members-$game_party.battle_members).all? {|a| a.dead? }
      @switching = true
      end # BattleManager

      If that doesn't work, then I must have made earlier changes that fixed it somehow when combined with this.

      • redcachalot

        On the contrary SigmaAoi, with this self.process_defeat script, the ninth bug-crashed has been fixed!

        Thank you!

        Let’s now get the other bugs out of the way ASAP!

  23. Cool engine, though your starter kits don’t include the pokemon cries, so the game crashes when first starting up. Took me days to figure that out… ^^; But once I got it working the game looks very polished! The glitch I’ve run into is with the battle mechanic, when I fight a bad guy in your game both pokemon are released, then I get an error message saying “Script ‘Shadow Pokemon’ line 563: SyntaxError occurred.” Has this been fixed yet? I ran into it quite quickly.

  24. MooonBlossems

    2) Sometimes When I use an attack
    Script ‘Delayed Attack’ line 76: NoMethodError occurred.

    iv had this too, been learning to script just so i can get rid of the bugs.

  25. pikachu385

    I cannot capture a Pokémon. Every time i use Pokéball crashes and says:
    Error:Pokémon Battle System Script 3746 in display use item…(trigggering item)
    Can someone help me?

  26. mydemonguy

    i am not sure what i am doing wrong i get no Intro with the Patch also the House are not showing up on the maps everything else seems to work but can test play it any idea why

  27. Max

    I’ve installed both the Music Pack and the Enlarged Battlers Pack, yet it refuses to playtest. Every time I try to playtest the game, I just get the Unable to Find File message. Help!

  28. Matt

    When you download the Pokemon Ace Version 8 & the patch if you try to play test it, it says
    Unable to find file:

    Error Occured, check the debug console for more information.

  29. keo

    theres a bug with ur neo crystal engine experience chart js code for pokemon games. for rpg maker mv. the class tags dont work, nor does changing default. its always set to slow exp gain please fix as id love to use this script! thank you

  30. I cannot download the plugins for your guardian, I believe the link is broken

  31. With Bruno Miguel… No working link…

  32. Jake

    Can’t download any scripts from your OneDrive, says unavailable or no longer exists. If possible email me the scripts.


    – Stat formula
    – Mist Charges
    – Gambit System

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