I’m Crystal Noel a scripter for RPG Maker VX Ace my scripts cover things in games that don’t appear as a common theme in RPG’s like Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid or FF12’s Mist Charge system. I do take requests given that the information for the request is enough detail to give me a perfectly clear image of what is wanted.


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  1. Hey Crystal

    First I’ve to thank you for all the wonderful scripts you’ve supplied, you’re amazing 😀 But I still seem to get an error message concerning the Daycare & Egg script. (I’ve pasted both of the required scripts above your D&E script) but still get the error message “undefined method ‘_allmembers’ for class ‘Game_Party’. Perhaps you can help me with it? Would be greatful.
    Thanks in advance and have a good one 🙂


    • Fixed, re-download the new script.

      • Now it works, thanks 🙂
        Testing all your scripts and.. now I’m having trouble with your Leap to Fly script. The message I get is “undefined local variable or method for main: Object”. The problem could occur because I have the Leap to Fly script above the Pkmn Battle System (seperately), instead of the other way around, like you advize. This I had to do because they could not work the other way around because of the Victor Engine’s Actors Battle script, which your 2 scripts (Leap to fly, Pkmn Battle System) require, but which wont work. I guess you might have solved it and am wondering how..?


  2. Also.. in the script Pokedex, I’m getting a message about an undefined method actor.shiny (line 524 if you copy it into a new slot). Would be lovely if you could solve it..


  3. Hm well.. With that one, I have the problem that I can’t figure out what to do with the first class (Soldier). It says I have to format it 001b but how do I do that..? Sorry for asking you so many questions..

  4. Alright so.. The message says “Class no. 1 [Name] needs a character sprite please format it like this $001[f2]”. So.. My class no 1 is Bulbasaur – 001. Then in the script it says I have to put a “$” in front of it, so I get $001. As I have the script “Gender and Forms” so after that I have to put “_[form id]. What is the form id? And should all that be the name of the class or of the actor?
    And what does the message mean by “character sprite”? Do the sprites need special names too?

  5. I’m sorry but I’ve tried everything now and I still don’t get it x.x Can’t you just tell me what exactly I should name the sprite files?

    • The format for each is:

      Battler ‘001b’

      Character ‘$001’

      Face ‘001’

      Note that this assumes that COMMON_EXTENTION is set to ”. If you didn’t change that that character sprite is ‘$001[f2]’.

  6. You are fantastic! Now it works, thank you so much for your time 😀
    No need to answer this if you have other things to do, but I can’t seem to find character sprites in the right size. Do you happen to know where I could get some?

  7. I seem to get double sprites walking around when game testing. Instead of one first character, I have two. Do you know how I can change that? Thanks.

    • Are you using party leader? That script has the option to have the first member follow you. It is an option that you can disable.

  8. I am using that script. It says that the party leader (pkmn trainer) shouldn’t be in the party. So where should I put him to still be the leader, but not battle or gain experience?
    Unfortunately, not the second member (002) follows 001, but I see 001 twice.

  9. Scott

    Hey I’m trying to use your GF Junction Script and when I start my game I have a map to select your class and sex but when i select the class I get this error and it crashes “Script ‘Crystal Engine-GF Junction’ line 225 type error occurred. Nil can’t be coerced into FixNum.” I’m using this event system from this webpage for my class and gender selection, http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=59498, Can you please help I’m kind of at a loss here.

  10. Blaze

    hi.i like your sphere grid script.i would like to know about a way to put the background of the grid in a locked state so it matches the spheres locations.
    Thanks i appreciate your efforts.

  11. Hi, Cystal Noel
    May I ask for your permission to use your License Board Script in my (maybe)commercial project ?
    My name is Nitis Monburinon. I’m RMVX Ace user from thailand.
    I think your script look perfectly fit for my future project.

    Thanks for reading!
    Whether you give me permission or not.
    I’m your fan and always be 😀


  12. Your great i can not simple tell you how great you are! i have a job offer for you nothing crazy but i will pay you 50-200$ to help me make a game 🙂 I could really use your help:) my email is dmplusdm@gmail.com Sooner the better:) hope your willing

  13. Ninkoro


    I love your scripts and I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with them the past few days. However, there is one question I am wondering if anyone has addressed.

    Is there currently a way to have a “player character” that is not a pokemon also be in your party? As in a human fighting along side their pokemon in a double battle type setup.

    It’d be great if you could have an official add-on that allows this, but If not (or if you don’t respond) I’ll try helping my own ambitions by looking into the scripts and tweaking them (but not releasing, of course) in my attempt to allow it.

    Thanks for reading my question(suggestion?)

    • Without a separate script, you could have a human character with a passive state that locks switching for him/her.

      • Ninkoro

        It’s funny how simple the solution is, glad I’ll only have to change max party members to 7. Thanks for replying.

  14. Hey I am having a issue. When people use certain pokemon like Dratini it instantly crashes. Any fix to this?> It crashes when you switch to Dratini in a battle

  15. need a fix for pokemon for ace

  16. need a fix for pokemon for rpg maker vx ace

  17. Akirasteel

    so i got referred to your scripts as im trying to make a monster tamer style game however Im not wanting something quite as complex as pokemon.
    is there a more private way to contact you as the project im working on atm is planned to be commercial.

  18. Hamrod

    Hi !
    I’m french, i just started to test the engine, i begin a translation into french because it’s easier for me to work in french and i would ask you if i can post my translation on this forum : http://communityscriptproject.com/ and if i can modify some scripts, events, graph …
    With credit and link to this blog, of course.

  19. I’ve been looking though the engine a bit. Not sure if I missed it. For pokemon do you have a contest option and athlete dome option?

  20. Aidan Tibbetts

    I want to know if this project is dead, because i really hope it isn’t! I am having a lot of script issues and I really need them to be fixed, because I really want to make a pokemon game lol but I am not the best when it comes to scripting.

  21. same as Aidan

  22. ThunderBoyU

    Your Pokemon for Ace Downloads Only Contain Folders. Why?

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