Pokémon for Ace

This is a kit that allows for the user to create a Pokemon game with ease yet still maintains the database and compatibility with most scripts. Unlike Pokemon Essentials for XP and Crazy Ninja Guy’s Kit for Ace (which is not out yet) this does not use external text files instead it uses notetags with custom scripts including Crystal Engine to replicate the games on a core level. Currently there is no ascetic replication but instead used Animated Battle by Victor Sant for customization for those who want to have a perfect visual replication of the battles.

Progress: It’s demo time.

Current Features:

  • Weapons and Armor tabs still work
  • Uses Ace Save Engine to allow for multiple files
  • PP set up already
  • Item Sorting
  • Trainer ID and Secret ID
  • Equipment not restricted to 1 item (that can be changed)
  • Enemies can also hold items
  • Friendship
  • Full Experience Tables
  • Abilities
  • Encounters set to work on only one enemy
  • Party Leader set to be a trainer
  • Stat formula
  • Pokeballs
  • Sprites by species
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Enemy Levels
  • Genders
  • Alternate Forms
  • Multiple Inventories
  • Rare Candy Effect
  • Random Hits Effect
  • Weather Effects carry over into battle (visual right now)
  • Change the individual Parts of Tilesets
  • Lunatic Effects (Yanfly’s Scripts for those who aren’t following)
  • Item and Money Storage
  • Time Function
  • Text Warping
  • Special Buyers (people who only buy certain items)
  • Absorb Elements
  • Customizable Party System
  • Multi Framed Character Sets(characters with a different number of frames than 3) 🙂
  • Pokemon Following
  • Can control the following Pokemon
  • Customizable AI
  • AVI Video Player
  • Luck Removed.
  • Random Dungeons
  • VS Sequences
  • Only 4 moves of any one skill type
  • No game over if you lose.
  • Ability Effects
  • Battle HUD
  • Pokedex setup
  • Slot Machines
  • Music Player
  • Control the Self-Switches of Other Events 😮
  • Pathfinding Algorithm
  • Tiles Switching within a tileset by event
  • Status Menu hidden during in menu unless needed
  • Weather Battle Effects created
  • Added many new options for custom effects
  • Progresssive Timer
  • Can make events look like Pokemon in Your Party or your character(Now you can put Copycat from Kanto in your fangame)
  • States aquired from certain tiles
  • Parallex Mapping options avalible
  • Cast Animations (Messages go by fast, so this help you know who used what happened)
  • Moves like Fly and Dig are ready to be created
  • Additional conditions for events
  • Infective States (States can randomly be spread around the battle)
  • Custom Weather
  • Custom Transitions
  • Skill and item selection no longer hide the battlefield
  • Picture Gallery
  • Functional Daycare
  • Pokemon Eggs
  • Map Connection
  • Achievements
  • Box Storage streamlined from the Box Names
  • New scenes bring a more Pokemon-like atheistic to the kit.
  • Merged the items, weapons(not used), and armors into one list for the bag.
  • Keyboard based text entry.
  • Berries
  • Limited HM support
  • Trainer Card with Badges
  • Pokegear
  • Shadow Pokemon


Scripts:(Mini Scripts are Mine)

  • Crystal Noel (obviously)
  • Yanfly
  • Victor Sant
  • Yami
  • Dekita
  • Tuskihime
  • GubiD
  • TDS
  • Estriole
  • Xzeph
  • Mr. Bubble
  • TheoAllen
  • William Couillard
  • Syvkal
  • Moghunter
  • Fomar0153
  • Galv
  • DiamondandPlatinum
  • Khas Arcthunder
  • Kread-EX
  • Mithran
  • Xypher
  • Eugene222
  • Casper Gaming
  • Jet10985
  • Modern Algebra
  • Ventwig
  • Nicke
  • DerTraveler
  • Shaz
  • Cremno
  • KilloZapit
  • Saba Kan
  • Raizen
  • FL


  • Kurai
  • MrMasterMrDoom
  • P-Sign
  • Clowcardruler
  • Maruno
  • Venom12
  • FL
  • Apoclaydon
  • Jtanooki
  • Rick1234
  • Wvistaultimate
  • Timmah
  • Snivy101
  • Tebited15
  • Welseyfg
  • Jellojolteon
  • Mindnitez-REMIX
  • AzRaezel
  • Scanime
  • EvilEagles
  • Melody Storm
  • TyranitarDark
  • Chris Marsh
  • Sheano
  • Dusty Collector
  • RPG Maker Times
  • More Cowbell
  • GrandmaDeb
  • The Dreaming Boy 88
  • Dashinghero
  • PhoenixOfLight92
  • Everyone involved in this Sprite Project

144 thoughts on “Pokémon for Ace

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  1. Disregard my previous comment, the download works fine now 🙂

  2. InfectyD

    I would love to help with this project! Very dedicated scripter here, looking to create and recreate. I’m a little rusty, but picking up where I left off is a little tricky. So if you want to collaborate on this project, I would love to help create a kit to help enthusiastic coders like ourselves.
    Happy Coding!

  3. Moonpig

    need help getting error KMS_MiniMap’ Line 312 : NoMethodError occured check the debug console, wheres the debug console at? Btw im trying to make a pokemon game thats all 5 gens in one game like how gold and silver are but going from kanto-johto-Hoenn-Sinnoh-Unova and Kalos if i find sprites for them.also how i get rid of shadow pokemon.

  4. Jesseo

    It seems there is no Background Music files in the folder I had to go through each script setting and room and disable all of the bgm just to get the game past the start and intro screens.

  5. Kether

    The box icons are missing. Where can I download them without making them by hand?

  6. GuyHiHI

    pretty cool, but will you include PKMN from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova?

  7. These are genuinely wonderful ideas in regarding
    blogging. You have touched some pleasant
    things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  8. Retro

    This is amazingly well done, I am very impressed

    *For those who are having problems: you need to download and apply the Pokemon Sprites pack and Music pack for it to function due to the way it is set up by default

    *I, myself, have a problem I’m not quite sure how to fix: an error and crash occurs upon catching a pokemon – details below

    script ‘shadow pokemon’ line 791: NoMethodError occured.
    Error ocurred, check the debug console for more information

    *my shadow pokemon entry for that area is as follows with the @ line being 791

    alias add_actor_ce_shadow_pokemon add_actor
    def add_actor(actor_id)
    actor = $game_actors[actor_id]
    if actor.shadow?
    fmt = “%s Received\n”
    text = sprintf(fmt, $imported[“TH_AreaMaps”] ? $game_map.area.display_name : $game_map.display_name)
    @extra_data[:system][:shadow_pokemon][actor.class.id][:message] ||= text
    unless CRYSTAL::SHADOW::VARIABLES[:snagged] <= 0
    $game_variables[CRYSTAL::SHADOW::VARIABLES[:snagged]] += 1

  9. I can’t seem to catch any Pokemon. when i use the ball, it says it’s caught. then, when the battle ends it crashes and says it has something to do with the shadow Pokemon script help?

  10. Edit: Many errors are coming from the shadow Pokemon script

  11. julio cesar

    can someone help me enjoyed the starter kit but when I go to test the game a mistake …
    I am very grateful for those who help me!.

  12. Kris

    Does it support custom pokemon(like for custom starters) or pokeballs(like for team ___)?

  13. Raphael

    how to install????

  14. StavRock

    Error When I Try To Open It =(

  15. What do I do if the game says there is a mising file at the start?

  16. Jesus82

    I have the same problem, it seems we have to dowload and install the grafics and the music apart but the link for the music dosen´t work properly,

  17. sprintingkiwi

    Great Work!!!

  18. Ph0n3z

    Hi =)

    First I must say that I am impressed by ur work!

    I’m not sure if your the right person to ask this but I got a question there.
    I did download a bunch of these scripts because I want to make my own (non-commercial) Pokemon Game and I did not want to do this with Advance Map due to the reason that I want to implement all Gens.

    So I tried to bound in all scripts to RPG VX Ace, but just nothing happened.
    What did I do wrong? Is it okay to ask you for help with this?
    I am not experienced with Ruby or scripting itself, I’m just good at designing.


  19. How do i get the mega evolution to even work?

  20. David

    How can I remove Debug option from the menu?

  21. anonymouse

    No natures?

  22. Chareth Cutestory

    Hi Crystalnoel,

    This conversation might be easier via email, but I don’t see any contact information anywhere.

    I know you have mentioned on other pages that quite a bit of this engine is hardcoded. My questions are this: What exactly is hardcoded and can this engine be used with other scripts (specifically the CSCA core script and some of its addons, like the dungeon tools)?

    Also, feel free to email me at my listed email address, since that might be easier for both of us.

  23. Shiro

    where exactly is the download?

  24. Wingblade

    I don’t know what’s wrong… but the game crashes in every events involving the “Shadow Pokemon” script… Is there like some missing files needed (I don’t think so since I’ve downloaded the extension packs)? Most notable crash is when it’s my turn to reveal my first Pokemon in battle… Is there anything to fix this?

    Or if possible how do I remove the “Shadow Pokemon” script without affecting other scripts?

    • Removing it should not harm anything. I’d comment the whole script out.

      • Wingblade

        Thanks! It’s working fine now…

        If you don’t mind, I still have some questions in mind. I’m planning to have an X and Y style battle intro. How do I remove the Trainer sprites in the battle screen and the battle messages (the message that appears on the upper right corner of the screen)?

        Also, I’d like my battle sprites to be static not animated. If I removed the [anim] images, would it play ok or do I have to do some script tweaking?

        Again, I apologize for the questions.

      • I’m working on an X and Y styled intro for the next version. As for the [anim] images. If they’re not there you should be fine.

  25. Hi Crystalnoel. I’m a translator and I have spotted this project only now. It’s an amazing project and i want to ask you if i can translate this project in italian(My mother tongue), in this way you can have a greater “pubblic”. Ps there is still some bug. If you want to contact me you can do it on skype o fb.
    Good luck for all 😀

  26. There is some bug when:
    i’ve teach cut to a pokemon. In my case it in battle have ask to me to replace an attack with the attack that i have precedently removed(in my case wrap)
    When a pokemon die for posion o for wrap’s damage the pokemon is still here and if you attack it, give you an error.

  27. Erm… how do I get rid of that bulbasaur that always starts in the party?

  28. Moonblossems

    Pokemon Upon leveling up are relearning every move they would have previously learned until the current level.

  29. Weston

    I’m trying to remake the Red Version, can you do the sprites for Red and Green and the Nidorina in the intro and their music and sounds.

  30. Robby

    when pokemon die on here the game just crashes dose not give you the option to switch pokemon

  31. ChibiNinja

    Is this still being worked on? Progress update?

  32. Mountain on shoulders

    I downloaded the resource pack and tried importing it into rpg maker vs ace, but it’s not showing up at all. do I need to change the file type, download something else, or what?

  33. Jay

    I’m having trouble with the Editor that this comes with. I adIT crashes pretty much no matter what I do, including trying to add Pokemon in. Any help?

  34. Reid

    How do you install/ use this kit?

  35. ChingBlingtheKing

    I cant find the download

  36. Is this project still active? I’d love to teach my kids some game design lessons with this, but I use VX Ace, not XP

  37. Error when pokemon try to evolve, right when its about to finish and the new pokemon should appear.

    On the window that appears:

    Script ‘Main’ line 33: Encoding::UndefinedConversionError ocurred.
    “\xC” to UTF-8 in conversion from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 to UTF-16LE

    On the debugger:
    Evolution Script:243:in ‘eval’:

  38. Basol

    Where can i download it?

  39. Qelli

    I love this project! There’s something I have to ask though…
    Is here any way to make Pokemon and trainer battle sprites two times bigger, without editing every single one?

  40. Tommy

    when i enter a battle i keep getting an error on line 88 in the cache script i dont know how to fix it any help?

  41. Delta Studios

    No method error on “Attack Delay” script…Help!
    I also get an error when I use a potion…

  42. BeastFire

    how do I put the scripts into the game? sry im a newb…

  43. BeastFire

    Ok So I figured out how to put the script into the game, but now every time I load the game into, RPG Maker just Crashes. all the other games work fine. Just checking, to put the scripts into the game, you take the script files and move them to the data folder and delete the ones with the same name already there.

  44. takeshi

    Hello, in the script Exclusive Effects had an error in the line 137, someone can help me?

  45. moonlight

    Hello. I’m planning to make a pokemon game. I’m still on the planning stage though. I hope this project is still ongoing. May I ask for the next release to deal with the graphics especially the menus (that cursor). Maybe this project can implement the graphics on pokemon essentials. That’s sure good enough. I also want to ask if I can suggest a feature. One of the things I want in my game is some sort of in-battle evolution. I want pokemon not to evolve just by reaching a certain level. I want it to be like when your pokemon reach some level and some in-battle conditions (for example low hp), then it will evolve and restore hp. Just like most in the anime. Hope you respond. Thanks.

  46. moonlight

    Hello. Is this project still alive? I hope so. I think this can look better. I think the graphics is so so especially the menu (that cursor). I also want to ask if I can suggest a feature. May you add an evolution method where the pokemon may evolve in-battle. I mean for instance, a pokemon reach some level and you used it in battle and it reached some amount of hp, then it will evolve and restore some hp. Thanks.

  47. Preston

    Need Help

    I am getting this error

    Unable to find file: (Blank)
    Error Occurred, Check debug console for more information.

    Heres what I have from the debug console.

    System Options v1.00:283:in `bgm_play’: No such file or directory – Audio/BGM/Load Screen (Errno::ENOENT)
    from System Options v1.00:283:in `play’
    from MOG_Music_Box:154:in `play’
    from Play BGM on loading menu:26:in `first_savefile_index’
    from Pokémon Load Screen:695:in `init_selection’
    from Scene_File:16:in `start’
    from Scene_Base:12:in `main’
    from MOG_Weather_EX:694:in `main’
    from Graphical Object Global Reference:201:in `main’
    from Video Player:153:in `run’
    from Map Screenshot:971:in `run’
    from Screenshot taker:215:in `run’
    from Main:10:in `block in ‘

  48. Crystal Red Fox

    I am sure you get this a lot but where is the graphics and music downloads? Since I am supposed to download that first.

  49. I am working on a project that has a load of new abilities and each creature picks three from this pool of abilities… I am just curious as to a decent method of changing the engine to better allow for this?

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