Crystal Engine (VX Ace)

This is the list of scripts for Crystal Engine. It is highly recommended that you place the scripts in the following order.

Basic Scripts(8)

Battle Scripts(14)

Gameplay Scripts(38)

Menu Scripts(9)

Field Scripts(3)


+ Pokemon Script

* Final Fantasy Script


23 thoughts on “Crystal Engine (VX Ace)

  1. PokemonFan

    Can you make a demo that includes all scripts ?

    • There are a few more things I want to add before I make a demo.
      Sorry, I thought you were talking about Pokemon for Ace.
      This issue with this is that some scripts functionally don’t work together(i.e. Enemy Capture and the Sphere Grid). Also I would have to re-upload it every time I update a script, so it might be a bit impractical.

  2. Kah'zaad the Mad

    What are the terms of use for your scripts?

    • 1. Give credit to me.
      2. If you need to alter something to a script that is fine as long as you don’t distribute the edit, even if it’s a bug fix. If you need something added just write an add-on for the script.
      3. NO commercial projects, without my consent.
      4. Do NOT convert this to a previous ruby engine. No VX or XP versions of my scripts.
      5. When using a script that requires a third party script. You must abide by the terms of use of those scripters as well.

      • Kah'zaad the Mad

        I’d think that you should put a “Terms of Use” part in your menu/header/whatever those words at the top of the screen are. It would be easier for folks to get to and see. Just sayin’.

      • Hey crystalnoel42. Would you be interested in helping our small team make a fully functional pokemon game using RPG Maker VX Ace? I think it would be great to put the dedication to make a real Pokemon experience.

  3. Kah'zaad the Mad

    Could you make a tagging guide for the scripts, like perhaps examples for what the tags would look like? I’m trying to use the enemy equipment, and it’s kinda confusing me a little.

  4. So, can I use these scripts to make my Pokemon game? I want to distribute copies and shtufffff…

  5. Would it be possible for you to sort out the scripts or put some sort of key to the script list such as
    Pokemon Scripts = $ in the name
    FF scripts = %

    or something cause some scripts are more oriented for Final Fantasy and some for pokemon

  6. everything looks amazing!! keep up the great work your doing fantastic!!

  7. austin

    is this finished?

  8. If I use victor’s and Yanfly’s scripts, where do I put your scripts? Victor’s patch wants me to put yanflys script under his scripts and his patch under yanfly’s scripts. Do I put your scripts before or after Yanfly’s script?

  9. That Lewd Dude With Food

    Can I use your engine to make a game sort of like pokemon, and sell it for money?

  10. That Lewd Dude With Food


  11. That Lewd Dude With Food

    So I can’t make custom items?

  12. zeeke91

    Are you still working on this?
    If so, is there an easy way i can download all the scripts at once, or do i have to do it 1-by-1.
    Also were do i put the scripts? (Just started using RPG Maker VX Ace yesterday)

  13. Chris

    I can’t get the battle system to work, I downloaded everything it says is required, and even went through and read every tutorial on this site. I dont know what to do, I just can’t get the battle system to work. I get a “Script ‘Crystal Engine – Pokemon Battle System’ line 1379:TypeError occured no implicit conversion from nil to integer

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