Crystal Engine – Trainer Card

Trainer Card 1


This script is a trainer card script for this kit. It displays data about the player in the game. It shows thats like Name, Money, Trainer ID Game Time, and Start Date for the game. You also have the ability to set conditions that will upgrade the trainer card and change its color.

Trainer Card 2

The trainer Card displays all your badges.

Trainer Card 3

It even scrolls if you have more than 8 badges.

What is the Trainer Card?

From the Bulbapedia page on Trainer Card

“A Trainer Card in the Pokémon games is the card introduced in Generation III that displays information about a Trainer. It shows basic information such as the Trainer’s name, the Trainer ID number, the player’s gender, the amount of money carried, the total gameplay time, the number of Badges obtained and the number Pokémon they have seen or caught in their Pokédex.”‘

Trainer Card 4

What are Trainer Card Upgrades?

From the Bulbapedia page on Trainer Stars

Trainer stars are stars that appear on the Trainer Card when the player has completed an in-game task, such as entering the Hall of Fame or completing the Pokédex. The Trainer Card will change immediately on this task’s completion, and the player will never be notified; they must notice the difference in their Trainer Card when they next check it. The Trainer Card will change color when each star is obtained, and the stars can be earned in any order after the game has been started.

Trainer stars were introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and appear in all Generation III and Generation IV games. Though the achievements and colors differ slightly between Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen, and Emerald, when linked players view each other’s cards the color will be consistent for Generation III games—a Trainer from FireRed and LeafGreen with one star will be said to all players to have a Green card, while a Trainer from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald with one star will be said to all players to have a Bronze card. In the Generation IV games, however, color is consistent from the point of view of the game: a Trainer from HeartGold and SoulSilver who has three stars will be seen as a Silver card from the point of view ofDiamond, Pearl, and Platinum, although from HeartGold and SoulSilver’s perspective the Trainer Card is a Violet card. Likewise, the Sinnoh Badge case, if the Trainer Card viewed is that of a HeartGold or SoulSilver game, will always be empty.

While Trainer stars themselves do not appear in Pokémon Black and White onwards, the Trainer Card still changes color with the completion of certain tasks.

Although the Trainer stars and color changes are for the most part aesthetic, certain NPCs like the Pokémon Center Nurse change their greetings to acknowledge the player’s achievement of obtaining 4 or 5 stars.”

Map Notetags

<region: string> Sets the region for the map using the symbols in the config.  (DO NOT PUT A COLON AT THE START OF THE STRING!!!!) this is used to set the regional badges variable. The symbol :national is all the badges.

Script Calls

gain_badge(region, badge) Causes the player to gain the specified badge number for the specifed region.

Script Download

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Trainers

Download the Latest Version

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