Expansion Packs

Here is a list of expansion packs for Pokemon for Ace:

Expansion 1: OGG Music


This is the soundtrack provided by default but as OGG files. This will be important in future releases that use MIDI.

Expansion 2: 2x Battlers


This is the battler sprites at 2 times the size giving to you in the base kit.


4 thoughts on “Expansion Packs

  1. pokemonjs

    Hello~Friend,i am a Chinese pokemon player,i like your Pokemon for ace very much!So i want to make a game by it,but,when i open the project,i found that it is too difficult to translate it,so,i think if this version has a “Extract Text”it will be more grateful and uesful for us!Looking forward to the next game you!fighting!Thanks!~
    by pokemonjs

  2. Geff

    I don’t know if you’re still replying to people on here, but the link for 2x Battlers always fails when it reaches 99% downloaded, can you upload it to a second site please.

  3. Wingblade

    Hi… Can I ask how you made the sprites for the introduction scene? You made them somewhat smooth…

  4. Can you give me the MIDI of the B2W2 Title Screen Theme please?

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