Crystal Engine – Equipment Weight

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This script allows you to set up a weight system for your equipment. This system sets all equipable items to have a weight. When an actor’s equipment is too heavy the play cannot exit out of the equip scene (or cycle to another actor).

Actor/Class Notetags

<weight limit: x> Sets the actor’s/class’s weight limit to x (actor limit take priority)

Skill/Item Notetags

<change weight limit: +x> Add x to the target’s weight limit
<change weight limit: -x> Subtract x to the target’s weight limit

Item/Weapon/Armor Notetags

<weight: x> Sets the weight of the item/weapon/armor to x (weight for items is only if using CE – Item Accessories)

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7 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Equipment Weight

  1. THANK YOU. I love every single one of your scripts!

  2. bloodyliao

    Is it possible to add actor’s weight limit when a certain skill is learned, instead of using that skill? I think a passive skill might be better.

    • Not in it’s current state. That is definitely something for the future though.

      • bloodyliao

        In your def max_weight_limit, i try to add a certain amount on max_weight_limit, it works, but if add a condition like “self.skill_learn?($data_skills[379])?” it can’t work. It would be good if you can help me to add a feature that actor’s weight limit would increase when a certain skill is learned.

  3. bloodyliao

    Bug report. When using your Equipment Weight with YEA, as is shown in your picture, a weight window may appear. However, when switching actors using pageup and pagedown, the weight window does not refresh, showing the first actor’s weight no matter which actor is actually being viewed.

  4. Jachan

    Is there a way to code in notetag when an actor have level up enough, he/she earn new weight limit few times? Like, Lv5 and he get +5 free weight-limit… then Lv20 and +5 again, so go on until hit either max level or creator’s decision of true max weight limit (raw, not including the equipment’s +x weight)? I would like this pretty much because i love that idea of limiting the equipments, 😀

  5. Twilight

    I know I’m weird for asking, but could you make a compatibility patch so that the weight tag doesn’t override the weapon rank tag of DiamondandPlatinum3’s weapon rank script?

    by the way, his weapon rank script works unless I put the weight tag into the note box

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