This is where you can obtain Pokemon for Ace.  Unlike scripts bugs will be addressed when I update the version due to the size of the kit. Note that the Pokémon Graphics and Background Music are separate from the main kit. Please, download and install those before starting. If you would like to spread knowledge of this project place the banner that is at the top of the post on your blog, signature, social media page, ect. Enjoy ;)

Version Differences Link
7 – Fixed bugs with berries and self-switches
– Fixed Transform (Move actually works now)
– Illusion corrected (unsure what went wrong, it worked fine before)
6 – More bug fixes.
– Changed how self switches are handled slightly so that there are no problems with map connection.
– Berries set to work with map connection.
5 Major bug fixes, editor expanded. Slight changes in data structuring. Download
4 Even more bug fixes. Download
3 This version fixes many major bugs in Version 2. Download
2 This version is identical to Version 1. Except for some major bug fixes. This version works with less bugs and and pauses. Download
1 This version is the first full release of the kit. It has a very complete database and many feature in it. There are some things it can’t do yet, but those things are reletively minor. Please report any bugs you find. For the sake of file size I uploaded the Pokemon Graphics and Background Music into separate files. Download
Demo Right now all that I have is a demo that is still lacking a few features. I uploaded this one because of the amount of comments I have had concerning a release or a demo. This is not a full version by any means, but should be enough for those who want to start their projects now. Download

Pokemon Graphics

Background Music


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  1. Dylan Culver

    I got a few problems
    1.When I pick girl (not a girl just testing) the game crashes
    2.I tried putting scripts from both versions (because it seems they r seperate) now its crashes

  2. Dylan Culver

    Oh ya, and when I try to find a wild pokemon, nothing happens they won’t spawn

  3. Whenever i switch pokemon i get an error in the illusion script undefined method dead

  4. Raylene Demeester

    HELP: I downloaded the latest demo off here but when I got to play the demo I get the error “Unable to find file:
    Error occured. Check the debug console for more information.”

    Then when I click on the Editor this error comes up.

    Script ‘Pokemon Battle System’ line 1980: NoMethodError Occured. undefined method ‘evs=’ for #

    I haven’t touch anything in the script just wondering why it making this error.

  5. RequLz

    Version 3 fixes nearly all issues from Version 2, thank you so much!
    however….the Editor won’t open :(
    As soon I open the Editor it just crashes.

  6. ZTW

    Anyone else getting quite a few bugs in version 3?

    Major bugs:
    1) Game crashes upon trying to enter pokemart. Unable to find file
    2) Game crashes upon trying to use gifted dratini. Error: Script ‘Skill Restrictions v1.03’ line 712 TypeError occured
    3) Game crashes upon trying to catch wild pokemon. Error: Script ‘Shadow Pokemon’ line 791: NoMethodError occured.
    4) Editor crashes when opened. Error: Script ‘Pokemon Battle System’ line 1982: NoMethodError occurred.

    Minor bugs:
    1) Starter pokemon and gifted dratini start with current hp and mp above their maximums. The current hp and mp are set to the max upon making an action in battle or taking damage.
    2) When entering battle with rival, the male player character face graphic is shown regardless of the player character’s current gender.

  7. Arsist

    I tried to play the game and it won’t even load. I get

    “Unable to find file:

    Error ocurred, check the debug console for more information”

    It doesn’t even know what file is missing. And a missing resource skip script doesn’t work either.
    Like for Krosk’s, I just get
    “Script ‘Resource Skip’ line 87: NameError ocurred.

    Error ocurred, check the debug console for more information.”

    I’m confused because I want to be able to use this.

  8. m

    i get the error ocurred, check debug console

    • What is the error message in the debug console?

      • TheBakaLes

        Hi! I’m new here and I’m really looking forward to this whole stuff *_* But I have the same problem and after this message, a .txt-file popped up in the folder: Missing_sounds: Audio/BGM/Chrono Trigger

      • i get the same error im using version 7

  9. James Ruglia

    I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with this so far! This goes a lot farther to make it feel like the Pokémon games than I honestly expected, and the resources alone are worth the download. Thank you very much for the work put into this!

  10. Tamsynn Claydon

    ok 1 quick bug for some reason th overlay map dose not seam to be working

    instead of having the base stats cant we just use the stat guage to st the level 1 base stat (just makes it a bit cleaner
    also instead of having to repeat several formulas for evolution cant we have smaller easy tags eg were x is the level to evolve at and y is the evolved class) that would also make the note field cleaner

    • The base stats I will keep as is because I would have to change stuff in both the base stat formula script and the editor. For evolution I will possibly add it to the editor and that can be configured there. The reason evolution is the way it is, is because the script I found does it that way.

  11. RequLz

    There is a bug with shadow pokemon when you catch a pokemon in the wild.

  12. Fightdemon

    I have a question about version changes. Is possible to simply “add” changes to an older version? I started a project on V3 and now changing to V4 it’s a pain. There’s some easy-way to do it?

  13. Bob9723

    2 glitches noticed with pokemon:
    1) HP and PP/MP are set to ridiculously high levels when you get your starter.
    2) When I select a starter using a different starter event (but based upon that in the kit) a random move comes up under the actual moves of that pokemon. E.g, my Torchic knows Scratch, Growl, and then Fire Breath for no apparent reason.

  14. Mugeli

    Game crashes when i’m trying to capture wild pokemon.

    I didn’t notice anything special on the console. :P

  15. in version 4 when I sey the main character in a new position he becomes invisible, what i have to do to set the player position??

    • The main character’s sprite is set in the intro. You need to set it in the database for what you want.

      • uh ok thank you

      • I can’t seem to catch wild pokemon. I get a shadow pokemon error. I’m trying to fix this so I can continue my journey on our game. Thanks to your efforts on creating this wonderful script bundle I’ve been creating a PC version of Pokemon Fire Red. I’m currently up to Virdian Forest. I also can’t seem to get the pokemon to only show up in the grass. I’m still trying to figure those two things out and I’ll be able to put everything together to make a nice Pokemon experience on PC!

  16. Quester19

    Whenever I try to use Fly through any means (HM use, script call), I get this error –

  17. I can’t seem to download Version 4, whenever I click on the start download button it says the page can’t be displayed :\ The graphics, music and older versions download fine though

  18. Moo

    I know I look forward to Sturdy, Lightningrod, Rough Skin, and Poison Point :)

  19. Besa

    Help,I can’t run the demo(v. 5)
    when I try to open the demo(the application) it errors
    “error occurred, check debug console for more information” and it takes 5 seconds to load
    what do think the cause?

  20. Aaron J

    Whenever the opposing trainer has more than one pokemon and the player beats one pokemon, the player is apparently victorious. With hiker liam and brock, defeating their first pokemon wins the battle. Any way to fix this bug?

  21. CrystalNoel, you’ve had a few people bring this up, and now I’m going too.

    I’m getting the error: “script ‘game_map’ line 202: NoMethodError occurred. Error occurred, check the debug console for more information”

    Line 202: “@map.width”

    Nothing has been modified, and I was testing the battles, and that was the error I received.

    Is there any way that you could help me, and other people with the same problem figure it out?

    Note: I downloaded Version 5, and had this error. I’m not sure if I have to download previous versions or not. I just thought the kit would be simpler than scripting and downloading scripts myself. I’m not exactly, “Mechanically inclined,” so I have trouble figuring scripts and code out on a computer.

    Please get a chance to read this, and respond. We need your help fixing it.

    • Also, I just tried playtesting it, and I received the error:
      “unable to find file:
      Error Occurred, check the debug for more information.”

      Something I have done that has come across my mind is that I deleted the maps included with the kit and installed my own.

      Could that have played part in the issue?

  22. Denson

    Hello, this seems to be an awesome engine, but I’m having trouble initializing it, as it keeps saying that there’s an error on line 83 of “Transform”, the error being: “Wrong number of Arguments (0 for 1)
    And you also left a ] after an “end” in one of the lines, can’t remember which one…
    If you could help me i would be the most grateful.

    • Denson

      I changed the entire Get Parameter on class Game_BattlerBase to match version 5 of the engine (I’m trying to use version 6) and it worked, but if i try to enter the gym the game crashes, and if I collect a berry all the other berry trees and even the small tree (the one you can use cut to get to the gym) disappear and only reappear after i change scenes.

  23. Script ‘Transform’ line 83: ArgumentError occured.
    Error occurred, check the debug console for more information.

    I get this error before the Title screen even starts.
    Making this demo both unplayable and entirely unusable.
    Please help.

  24. alucardfirst

    I can’t start the project. I get this error:

    • Well, that’s new. That is not a problem with the kit. It’s an RPG Maker VX Ace problem.

      • alucardfirst

        And what should I do? I have a legit copy of it, bought in Steam. Should I maybe, I don’t know, try to reinstall it?

      • That is worth a shot

      • alucardfirst

        It didn’t help… *sigh*
        What do?

      • alucardfirst

        Also I have problems with downloading the whole thing, Captchas are empty! This is really weird, because I’ve got a good PC and supposedly there should be no problems.

    • VivillonMan14

      Sometimes, when I download files from sites like Mediafire, my chrome says the files have a virus within them and it doesn’t allow me to open them, however, when I download the files again, they’re perfectly fine. It might just be the site instead of the files itself. Hope this helps (and delete the file you downloaded)

      • It’s actually neither my file nor the site. It’s Google Chrome. I also use Google Chrome and I run into this problem from time to time. Just go into downloads and override the block. Usually if you restart your computer the problem resolves itself.

  25. Jesus82

    Hello, I am trying to download the project, but I could not download the audio. The link does not work properly. Could you fix it please, I’m very interested in your project, thanks.

  26. Brandon

    Hello, I am testing the demo and every time i go to use the PokeDex right after receiving it from the professor I get this error:

    Script ‘Pokedex’ line 717: NoMethodError occurred.
    Error occurred, check the debug console for more information.

    I’m using version 7 and I’m unsure what this warning means. I am also unaware of where the debug console is. Any suggestions or solutions?


  27. Will this thing ever freaking work. I mean I get its very complicated but at the very least fix the unable to find file: error.

    • VivillonAce

      Welll….. you can’t really fix it unless you download the extra files then add them into the game…so…technically, it was never broken, but you would’ve known that if you read anything.

  28. andre

    because when pokemon evolves the error and how to add one more poke in the characters?

  29. I’m having some trouble with the party and whiting out. I have a Nidran, Nidorino, Jigglypuff, and Squirlte visibly in my party/on my trainer. Though no matter what I do my party gets wiped out after one Pokemon faints. I’ve tried healing them at the Pokemon center, going through their summaries, and switching around their order for battle to see if it just wasn’t registering, but it didn’t help. I am to believe this is either a bug or maybe I messed up somewhere else down the line.

    Either way, assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • I thought I fixed that. Re-download version 7. If the problem persists I’ll take a look at it.

      • myname

        I encountered the same problem as cjdgame. I have redownloaded the kit and the problem is still there. This also happens in an unaltered version of your demo. So I am pretty sure that it’s not me messing up something ;)

  30. XBagon

    When i try to change a Pokemon’s name in the editor a error occurs:
    “Script ‘Database Editor’ line 3718: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method `name’ for nil:NilClass”
    Similar things happen if I try to create a new Trainer or Enemy.
    If I try to create a new Pokemon, i press ‘Enter’ on New Object>Pokémon.
    I really love your work and would be happy to use it!
    Thank you XBagon.

  31. lvdota

    can’t start the project

  32. VivillonAce

    Hello~. Do you think you could add dates (or begin to) for the Downloads so we don’t get confused about which ones we downloaded already? You don’t have to, happy game-making!

  33. FishStyx


    hey, last time I was here it was version 4 and I see you’ve made some great improvements to an already impressive deal. So I started working with it again and came into a problem that isn’t an ‘error’ but the script isn’t being read correctly though I can’t seem to locate the one I need to find.

    Basically in a trainer battle if ANY of my pokemon faint, I get a game over despite the fact there are multiple healthy pokemon on standby.

    Any ideas of where I should look? I’ve gone through most of them, but I guess I keep skipping over it.

  34. Hi, great work by the way, I really need your help, in version 7 I have the gifted dratini problem which I thought I could use some of the same code from oak to fix it, but that one and also after my first pokemon faints the player blacks out even though I have caught a full party. Again this whole thing is awesome but I would appreciate it very much if you can help, thanks.

  35. I can not get passed the bug where after my first pokemon is killed it automatically assumes I am dead even though I have other pokemon in my party, thank you for this this is awesome, thanks for your time. – Mark

  36. i get error “unable to find file:
    Error Occurred, check the debug for more information.”

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