This is where you can obtain Pokemon for Ace.  Unlike scripts bugs will be addressed when I update the version due to the size of the kit. Note that the Pokémon Graphics and Background Music are separate from the main kit. Please, download and install those before starting. If you would like to spread knowledge of this project place the banner that is at the top of the post on your blog, signature, social media page, ect. Enjoy ;)

Version Differences Link
7 – Fixed bugs with berries and self-switches
– Fixed Transform (Move actually works now)
– Illusion corrected (unsure what went wrong, it worked fine before)
6 – More bug fixes.
– Changed how self switches are handled slightly so that there are no problems with map connection.
– Berries set to work with map connection.
5 Major bug fixes, editor expanded. Slight changes in data structuring. Download
4 Even more bug fixes. Download
3 This version fixes many major bugs in Version 2. Download
2 This version is identical to Version 1. Except for some major bug fixes. This version works with less bugs and and pauses. Download
1 This version is the first full release of the kit. It has a very complete database and many feature in it. There are some things it can’t do yet, but those things are reletively minor. Please report any bugs you find. For the sake of file size I uploaded the Pokemon Graphics and Background Music into separate files. Download
Demo Right now all that I have is a demo that is still lacking a few features. I uploaded this one because of the amount of comments I have had concerning a release or a demo. This is not a full version by any means, but should be enough for those who want to start their projects now. Download

Pokemon Graphics

Background Music


171 thoughts on “Downloads

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  1. There’s no BGM in the BGM folder…Is there supposed to be?

  2. Joseph Collins

    I also get the same error “Error Occurred, check the debug console for more information.”
    Any luck on a solution for that so far? Btw I really appreciate the development of this program and think it’s success is amazing.

  3. Estranho

    For any of you getting the error “unable to find file: Error Occurred, check the debug for more information.”, try this: put any sound file named “Title Screen” inside the Audio/BGM folder.
    It worked for me.

  4. Nevil Tourchin

    I personally ran the link for the most recent download through a link scanner. You may see the report below. One count of a malware. DO NOT CLICK THIS DOWNLOAD, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

  5. Shop crash game

  6. JustZero

    I hope you’re still looking at this cyrstal, I’ve been able to fix many bugs I’ve encountered(using v7). This is the only one right now that I’m having trouble with, when I try to evolve Eevee with a water stone, it shows the evolution process just fine, and then at the end I get an error from line 241 on the evolution script and it crashes.

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