Crystal Engine – Party Menu

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This script creates a menu that shows the party similar to the Pokémon games.

How does this differ from the default menu?

This script sets up a separate menu from the default one where you choose the actor then select the command.

Script Download

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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4 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Party Menu

  1. ncognitoshadow

    So im trying to make a Party menu like this but instead of showing the class icon is there a way to make it show the actual character icon?

    • ncognitoshadow

      nvm i got it now. had to replace with

      • Camilla R. Christoffersen

        Can you tell me where, please? I have no idea how to do it X.x

  2. Nerhity

    The script does not work! Nothing happens!

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