Crystal Engine – Variable Windowskin

Screenshot (1376594116.620697)


This script allows you to tie you windowskin to a variable so it can be changed either by you or the player.

How do I let the player change it?

The screenshot shows that being done with YEA – System Options. There are other ways to do it though.

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Variable Windowskin

  1. MentallyTofu

    I’m a bit confused.
    I made a windows folder and put it in graphics, then I put my desired window skins in the windows folder. I named them what you had set to default (window1, window2, ect.) but when I try to change the variable via YEA option system, it doesn’t do anything.

    I have the windows variable set to 1, as well as the variable I wish to change in the YEA script set to 1, and I have also tried starting up a new project with only your script and the YEA script, but it still didn’t do anything.

    Did I set the windows folder in the wrong place, or is their just something all together that I am not understanding? I do apologize if I am just being dumb, but I’ve been sitting here for about 30 minute to an hour trying to figure it out to no avail. So if you can help me, it is very much appreciated.

    ~Thank you
    And once again, sorry if I am just being dumb.

  2. MentallyTofu

    I figured it out, I was just being stupid. I’m Sorry.

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