Crystal Engine – Pokémon Status Screen

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This script overhauls the status screen to look like the Pokemon games and in addition has the option for windows containing information about states and elements and how they effect the actor. While I wrote the code for the windows the layout is based off of Tsukihime’s Elemental Status Info script.

What does this show?

This script shows all of the following:

  • Actor Name
  • Poke Ball caught in (Requires Crystal Engine – Enemy Capture to show)
  • Any one equipment slot
  • Class ID
  • Class Name
  • States
  • Original Trainer Name
  • Original Trainer ID No. (Randomly generated, not the Actor ID)
  • EXP Points and total needed for the next level and a bar.
  • State Rates and Attack State Rates
  • All Stats except MP and LUK (HP has a bar that changes color by the amount remaining)
  • Ability name a Description (If imported Crystal Engine – Abilities)
  • Element Rates and Boosts made towards and element(The latter of the two needs Victor Engine – Element Strengthen)
  • The first four skills you know. (This page links directly to the skill screen)
  • Ribbons (A kind of achievement system for your actors that his script uses)

Script Download

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Trainers

Download the Latest Version

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