Crystal Engine – Mist Charges



This allows for you to have multiple MP and TP bars for actors. Right now it can exceed 3 right now.

What are Mist Charges?

From the FF Wiki page on MP

“The MP base value goes up as the character levels up, but upon learning new Quickenings the MP pool is first doubled, then tripled, of the base value, giving a character three MP “bars” after having learned all three of their Quickenings. The characters have a permanent Manafont ability in which they continually gain MP as they walk on the field, and in places thick in mist, the MP recovery rate is boosted. Using Quickenings and Espers expends MP bars rather than individual points.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Quickenings and Espers no longer drain the user’s MP, but have their own bar instead.”

Script Calls

$game_actors[id].extra_charge(type) Gives the actor a Mist Charge

$game_actors[id].lose_charge(type) Takes a Mist Charge from the actor

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Mist Charges

  1. dodell92

    I’m having a bit of a problem. The mist charges can be added and taken away fine for the most part, (I edited slightly since it wouldn’t remove a charge if there were 3 since it only registered “>3” rather than “>=3”), however I can’t seem to find a solution to actually healing them to that extra amount. Neither items nor the “heal all” (such as an inn) command will restore past the normal amount (where 40/40 is normal and 80/40 would be a charge..). I did find that if the actor was below the normal max amount of MP, I could use a MP healing item to get it to heal past that limit. However, if it didn’t restore it to full i couldn’t use it again. Also, using the heal all command reset it back to the original max amount. I tried the script in a new project to see if it was another script conflicting, but it still had the same result. If I missed something I apologize for the waste of time, and thank you in advance for a reply.

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