Crystal Engine – Party Size Limit

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This allows for you to limit the number of actors in the menu.

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4 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Party Size Limit

  1. Cazz

    Hi. There is a problem I face, first I have party limit of 5 in the script (and also 5 in the party), then when I put 2 of them as reserve, they still show up in the menu as grey-out. Is there a way to completely hide reserve members, or adjust the limit party members displaying according to the current number of party size? Thanks in advance.

  2. Kaiserslash

    Hi Crystal, just want to say THIS SCRIPT IS EXACTLY what I was looking for. My problem is
    you said no use on commercial project without consent and I can’t find a way to contact you
    on email other than through this. My email is Idk for sure if its going to be commercial but just in case I’d like to get your permission first hopefully.

    Regards, Kaiserslash

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