Pokémon for Ace

This is a kit that allows for the user to create a Pokemon game with ease yet still maintains the database and compatibility with most scripts. Unlike Pokemon Essentials for XP and Crazy Ninja Guy’s Kit for Ace (which is not out yet) this does not use external text files instead it uses notetags with custom scripts including Crystal Engine to replicate the games on a core level. Currently there is no ascetic replication but instead used Animated Battle by Victor Sant for customization for those who want to have a perfect visual replication of the battles.

Progress: It’s demo time.

Current Features:

  • Weapons and Armor tabs still work
  • Uses Ace Save Engine to allow for multiple files
  • PP set up already
  • Item Sorting
  • Trainer ID and Secret ID
  • Equipment not restricted to 1 item (that can be changed)
  • Enemies can also hold items
  • Friendship
  • Full Experience Tables
  • Abilities
  • Encounters set to work on only one enemy
  • Party Leader set to be a trainer
  • Stat formula
  • Pokeballs
  • Sprites by species
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Enemy Levels
  • Genders
  • Alternate Forms
  • Multiple Inventories
  • Rare Candy Effect
  • Random Hits Effect
  • Weather Effects carry over into battle (visual right now)
  • Change the individual Parts of Tilesets
  • Lunatic Effects (Yanfly’s Scripts for those who aren’t following)
  • Item and Money Storage
  • Time Function
  • Text Warping
  • Special Buyers (people who only buy certain items)
  • Absorb Elements
  • Customizable Party System
  • Multi Framed Character Sets(characters with a different number of frames than 3) 🙂
  • Pokemon Following
  • Can control the following Pokemon
  • Customizable AI
  • AVI Video Player
  • Luck Removed.
  • Random Dungeons
  • VS Sequences
  • Only 4 moves of any one skill type
  • No game over if you lose.
  • Ability Effects
  • Battle HUD
  • Pokedex setup
  • Slot Machines
  • Music Player
  • Control the Self-Switches of Other Events 😮
  • Pathfinding Algorithm
  • Tiles Switching within a tileset by event
  • Status Menu hidden during in menu unless needed
  • Weather Battle Effects created
  • Added many new options for custom effects
  • Progresssive Timer
  • Can make events look like Pokemon in Your Party or your character(Now you can put Copycat from Kanto in your fangame)
  • States aquired from certain tiles
  • Parallex Mapping options avalible
  • Cast Animations (Messages go by fast, so this help you know who used what happened)
  • Moves like Fly and Dig are ready to be created
  • Additional conditions for events
  • Infective States (States can randomly be spread around the battle)
  • Custom Weather
  • Custom Transitions
  • Skill and item selection no longer hide the battlefield
  • Picture Gallery
  • Functional Daycare
  • Pokemon Eggs
  • Map Connection
  • Achievements
  • Box Storage streamlined from the Box Names
  • New scenes bring a more Pokemon-like atheistic to the kit.
  • Merged the items, weapons(not used), and armors into one list for the bag.
  • Keyboard based text entry.
  • Berries
  • Limited HM support
  • Trainer Card with Badges
  • Pokegear
  • Shadow Pokemon


Scripts:(Mini Scripts are Mine)

  • Crystal Noel (obviously)
  • Yanfly
  • Victor Sant
  • Yami
  • Dekita
  • Tuskihime
  • GubiD
  • TDS
  • Estriole
  • Xzeph
  • Mr. Bubble
  • TheoAllen
  • William Couillard
  • Syvkal
  • Moghunter
  • Fomar0153
  • Galv
  • DiamondandPlatinum
  • Khas Arcthunder
  • Kread-EX
  • Mithran
  • Xypher
  • Eugene222
  • Casper Gaming
  • Jet10985
  • Modern Algebra
  • Ventwig
  • Nicke
  • DerTraveler
  • Shaz
  • Cremno
  • KilloZapit
  • Saba Kan
  • Raizen
  • FL


  • Kurai
  • MrMasterMrDoom
  • P-Sign
  • Clowcardruler
  • Maruno
  • Venom12
  • FL
  • Apoclaydon
  • Jtanooki
  • Rick1234
  • Wvistaultimate
  • Timmah
  • Snivy101
  • Tebited15
  • Welseyfg
  • Jellojolteon
  • Mindnitez-REMIX
  • AzRaezel
  • Scanime
  • EvilEagles
  • Melody Storm
  • TyranitarDark
  • Chris Marsh
  • Sheano
  • Dusty Collector
  • RPG Maker Times
  • More Cowbell
  • GrandmaDeb
  • The Dreaming Boy 88
  • Dashinghero
  • PhoenixOfLight92
  • Everyone involved in this Sprite Project

144 thoughts on “Pokémon for Ace

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  1. :)

    Impressive! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. when did u actually start doing this “kit” ? also, not trying to sound rude but i think the scenes could look ALOT better…

    • I started this is around October. What do you mean by the scenes could look better(how what is wrong with them). Do note not all the screenshots are up to date, I will update the menu once it is completed in structure and setup.

  3. Tamsynn

    are you taking features from the actual pokemon games (will there be different evolution methods and trade?)

    • Yes. Different evolution methods are a must. I will include every default method and allow the creation of methods for more advanced members. Because of that there will be in game trades and an item to activate trade based evolution. However, I don’t know how I can get the trade for certain Pokémon evolution working with an item.

  4. Tamsynn

    same way as ud get an evolution based with a stone i guess

    i have facesets for the 1st gen pokémon if you want those (ive sent u a message on http://www.pokecommunity.com under the name of p.claydon)

    • So, are you referring that I make a Shelmet Stone and a Karablast Stone in addition to the usual Link Stone. Sorry about the late response your comment was in my spam folder.

  5. Tamsynn

    just to keep you updated incase you have not seen new pokemon game due out later this year

    from what ive read it dont include sprites but actual models so these may be tricky to add later

    • That does look like a problem. Although that does explain no new titles after Black and White 2 being announced for this spring. My thoughts on the sprite issue is hopefully someone will make custom sprites. It sort-of looks like the iPad versions of FF3 and FF4 in terms of the style of the models. I am really hoping for RSE remakes this generation and character customization. It is coming out in October, so we have time to at least get up to Gen 5 with the kit. The games will probably be more of an aesthetic overhaul. Although any systems that are possible need to be added.
      Also, Essentials just added Gen V last month to the base kit, so if Gen VI is in the kit by 2014 it will probably be years before them.

  6. Tamsynn

    maybe in your kit you could get permission to include this script


  7. Tamsynn

    im gonna carry on with the portraits shud be done by end of the month sorry taking so long

  8. D351R3D

    When will you release some of the scripts that you’re using on this game? Just wondering.

  9. Kaito kid

    when is the demo out ?
    Can wait for its release.

  10. Tamsynn

    found the author of some pretty cool egg images (shame only goes to gen 4 but looks like his account is deactivated


  11. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5pl1e9hocnb41mp

    these are for Pokemon Essentials, RPG maker XP for use in RPG maker VX Ace they will have to be renamed and edited any takers ?


  12. xzeph

    Why isn’t my Pokemon Movement script included? lol.

    • I didn’t even know about it until you posted that comment. lol

    • It wasn’t public anyway until I found a better use for it.
      Well, now it’s public.
      Anyway, great job on this one.
      Looks like I won’t be having anymore problems with my future pokemon projects.

  13. Tamsynn

    how are things going?

  14. Tamsynn

    apart from taking a look at how pokémon essentials works nope

  15. Will it have the BW2 iris style battle intro?

  16. Possibly, I have to look at it more. I have seen it 10 times at maximum and I never took the time to study it.

  17. Lewis

    sorry to ask such a basic question but could you spare a minute to explain what to do to get started with this in rpg maker VX Ace? (as you can tell i’m very new to using it)

  18. Tamsynn

    sooo any ideas how close u are for a full demo

    • PokemonFan

      yeah, i want to know ether.
      But it seems that he makes Progress really fast.
      I hope for it to come this month. 🙂

  19. I quess he’s making it soon. Scripting something like this is a very long process.

  20. blu1

    any updates? ..last i read was good 24 days ago. cheers

  21. LordValinar

    Following up on any addition information on a demo release (or anything else). Been a few months so far 🙂 Love the project and really looking forward to it ^_^ Might even be able to help (depending on what areas you need help in heh…)

  22. João Rodrigues

    I’m really curious how things are going on. Please, give us newsss! 🙂

  23. J Cat

    I’m really looking forward to this when it comes out. Could you email me a link to it when the beta test comes out. I’d like to try it out. Thanks.

  24. Light

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you have my support! I probably can’t help with much, but if you need anything art related I /may/ be able to help out with that. But it’s been a few months since I’ve heard anything, so I was just curious to know how far along is the project?

  25. Derrick36

    are you still working on this. I’ve been following it for a few days and it sounds interesting. I would like to see a demo of this. I have the starter kit for rpg maker xp, but vx ace has better features.

  26. Carltron9001

    Is the project dead? Please reply

  27. Carltron9001

    Good to hear, I’m so excited about this script.

  28. Peter

    Hello where can i download this Pokemon Engine?

  29. Aran

    I never commented on this website before, but how long more will this take? It’s going for 9 months now! I want the kit ASAP and if this project dies I WILL BE ANGRY.
    P.S. Seriously… I can’t wait!

  30. It’s been a while since you’ve announced the kit. I’ve seen this since febuary and I haven’t seen the kit released yet. Is there problems or something? I would like to see it soon, maybe a few more weeks or close to september? But I guess something like this would take time. Good luck 🙂

  31. Fishstix96

    Hey mate, do you have a release date or deadline in mind?

  32. when you release this, im gonna get it, and use the hell out of it lol. your system will make my pokemon dreams come true lol

  33. Sakuraba

    why a mini map?
    and why to use the artworks instead of classic sprites?
    i think it should look more like a official game

    • 1. Why not? Mini maps are very helpful.
      2. Those were originally part of the menu and are now part of this screen.
      3. Really, you care about visuals. This is a very accurate core replication that has many options and a lot more customization than Pokémon Essentials.

  34. Oh my god finally! Is the demo out now? I seen all the screenshots but I don’t see the link for demo. Where is it man?

  35. ake

    how do you set up evolutions?

  36. Jake Levin

    I downloaded the kit, but I don’t know how to get it to work. I unzipped it and everything, but I don’t know where to put the folders. Please help me. Thank you.

    • Put the folders how its arranged when its unzipped. Open the kit in VX Ace and start working.

      • Jake Levin

        How do I open the kit? I unzipped, and put “Pokemon for Ace” in “RPGMakerVXAce”. Do I put each individual folder into the respective folder in normal Ace?

      • It should be setup the same way the folders are setup if you start a new project.

      • Jake Levin

        For some reason, whenever I start up RPGMaker, nothing related to Pokemon shows. I do not know how to fix this. Could you please just tell me what to do after unzipping the file?

      • Open the game file in the open option under file.

      • Jake Levin

        Thank you so much. I finally got it to work and am now starting my project.

  37. Boomstick

    This looks fantastic!
    Out of curiosity though, is it just a base system with easy customization options? For example, would it be possible to use this kit to create a game that has a similar “capture and train” system like Pokemon, but doesn’t use actual Pokemon (by instead using some other sort of creatures) or Poke-themed things?

    • You can edit the database to fit what ever creatures/moves/items you want. The kit will come with the official information from the games.

  38. Tamsynn

    you may want to look into permission to use these

    gen 6 sprite project

  39. help me man

    when i click start, all that plays is the sound from the video, but no music, and then the title screen wont come up? please help.

  40. Pokemon Trainer Nappa

    I’m having a big problem… Whenever I try and do a New Game, it says “Unable to find file:
    Error occured. Check the debug console for more information.”, and then it closes. What’s happening? :/

    • Gordon64

      Me too. It sits there for 5 seconds and then says can’t find file, search the debug console for more information. Please reply crystalnoel. ;(

  41. Marohack

    Question : How do I remove the map from the top right of the screen and how to I stop my Pokemon from following me everywhere?

    • For the minimap, in the intro with Oak there is a script call at the bottom called “show_minimap”. By removing this the minimap is never shown.
      For Pokémon following, just turn off followers in the database.

  42. Rex

    How can you scale your char with best quality like that? When I scale my char it like this:

    please help.

  43. I’m terribly sorry to bother you, I’m having an error I just can’t circumvent! Whenever I try and run the game either via the Playtest option or through the Game.exe, I get an error:
    File corrupted! Please run a virus check, then reinstall the application.

    • beandaddyo

      Did you ever figure this one out? I have the same problem… Possibly its a bad download; I have a bad connection. I’m going to keep trying to redownload everything for now.

  44. Rishu

    I got a problem when i battle in pokemon for ace version 2
    The error is
    ‘Script Game_map lin 202 No method error
    Error occured. Check the debug console for more information’

  45. May I ask who is responsible for the graphics work in this engine? It is very impressive.

  46. Sales Kital

    I got an error when starting up “game.exe” from the version 3 download,
    “unable to find file:
    Error occurred, check Debug Console for more information.”

    it doesn’t even say what file is missing, and I don’t know where the debug console is, if it’s in game i can’t check it because this happens when I start it up.

  47. Where is it that I can get a hold of these scripts, sprites, and so on and so forth? I’d REALLY love to try my hand at making a pokemon game, and it looks like you’ve got the essentials of a great engine here!! 😀

  48. @Sales Kital
    i got the same error and i dont know how to fix it. just downloaded the file -_-

  49. SomeRandomGuy

    I’m getting this error when i open the editor: Script ‘Pokemon Battle System’ line 1982:NoMethodError Occurred. unidentified method ‘evs=’for # and this when i run the game
    and try to start it after the intro: unable to find file: Error Occured, Check the debig console for more information. Where do i find the debug conole too never had this problem with ace ever so i don’t know where the debug console is

    • SomeRandomGuy

      looks like part of my comment got cut there is a part after the # Game enemy:0x9324dcc

    • Sales Kital

      seems like a lot of us are having these problems but getting no help with them. at least the first problem you mentioned.

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