Crystal Engine – Party Leader

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This script allows any actor in the database to be the leader of the party. It also allows for the first real member to follow.

Script Calls

$game_player.change_leader(id) Changes the party leader

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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12 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Party Leader

  1. Tamsynn

    ok how could you do this if you want to have a gender selection or even just to change the leader?

  2. Steve

    Do you know if your script has any incompatibilities with yanfly’s scripts? I didn’t think any of his scripts I had effected the party but I’m not sure why else I’m getting an error, which is a TypeError in game_actors line 19(no implicit conversion from nil to integer) when I try to rearrange the party. Line 19 in game_actors is: return nil unless $data_actors[actor_id]

  3. Hey, let’s say i want to use that for commercial use. Do i have to pay a license or anything?

  4. Chiara

    Hi, i don’t understand how to use it…the first pokemon in my game don’t follow the leader..

  5. Any way to contact you elsewhere and where you can see what i send you or something? Steam? Mail?

    • PM me either the RPG Maker VX Ace Forums, the RPG Maker Community, or the PokéCommunity. My user name of all 3 is Crystal Noel.

      • Well, none of the sites works or allow me to contact you. Can you just tell me how using a script for commercial use works with you?

  6. Dude, can you just tell me how commercial use for your script works? Cause i really need this script for a big project and i seriously tired of fucking around here.

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