Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels


This script gives levels and classes to enemies and they use them to calculate stats.

Enemy Notetags

<class: x> Sets class to class x
<level: x> Sets level to x
<take class name> Makes the enemy take the name of their class

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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15 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels

  1. Mitchell

    There is no way to change class or level during or before battle that I see specified.
    So that means if I’d want to have it so Skeleton’s LVL is 27 and Class is Brute if Eric’s LVL is 30 or higher, there’d be no way.

    • I just updated the script to work with Yanfly’s Enemy Levels script as long as this is bellow that script.

      • Mitchell

        I couldn’t even get that script to work for me, alone, for some reason.
        But I meant there was no way to change enemy class through a battle event.

      • You could use $game_troop.members[index].level += x to do that. The index is the one that the battle events minus 1.
        Another option is
        $game_troop.members.each {|enemy| enemy.level += x}

  2. ncognitoshadow

    Scripts not there

  3. Jax Crowley

    Hey! This looks really awesome with the catch enemies script. But! I can’t get it to work.
    I installed it under all Yanfly scripts I have but it gives my error
    Line64: Syntax error, Void value expression. next if obj.nil?

    What do I do?

  4. Sven

    Hey, this might be a noob question., but how can I have enemy’s have different levels? I tried making an enemy be able to be at levels 2-5, but they’re all coming at me at level 5. help?

  5. Nigel

    I’m having a bit of an issue with this script. With Version 1.0 in the demo I can easily change the level of a monster by putting the notetag. however in Version 1.3, the current one, The level is stuck at 1, no matter what. I even (Out of curiosity) edit the script in a manner where all default levels would be 5, and it is still at level 1. Can you perhaps upload a demo of the new version 1.3?

  6. Faffa100

    I have a problem with the Wild Pokémon battles…
    When i start a battle , i get a Script error…

    ” ‘Enemy Classes and Levels’ line 144 ”

    How can i change this or what have i done wrong ?

    Greetings from Germany ^^

  7. cyberghost88philppines


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