Crystal Engine – Enemy Equipment


This gives equipment to enemies and gives them features for it, as well as stats.

Class Notes
<equip: x, type, y, z%> Sets a z% chance of equip slot x filled with equip y  type refers to if this is an item, armor, or weapon. The equip slot is changed automatically.

Enemy Notetags

<equip slots: x, y> Creates the Equip Slots This must be used if you want to equip an enemy
<equips: x, y> Sets the Equips for the Enemy by the Equip Slots

Script Download

Download the Latest Version

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12 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Enemy Equipment

  1. hello … I have or problem by capturing pokémon
    add the necessary scripts, I put the notes on the enemy and character … even so I get error

    Script “Crystal Engine – Capture Enemy” line 591: TypeError ocurred
    can not dup NilClass

  2. Re-uploaded and hopefully fixed.

  3. Dan84

    I can’t understand how this script works. 😦 Does it equip only weapons, armors, accessories..?

    I put

    in an enemy’s comment box, Armor 009 is a test shield with a huge bonus on Atk. But it does not work. Could you help me? 🙂

    • Dan84

      Sorry, code got somehow erased.
      I put

      in an enemy’s Note box

      • Dan84

        One last time, then I’ll give up

        equip slots: 1
        equips: 9

    • What are you using to determine that the boost is not happening.

      • Dan84

        Thank you for your attention 🙂

        The shield I’m talking about is to be equipped on normal skeleton in a test encounter. Due to a custom hit formula, with a +500 bonus to Atk enemies should not miss (but they do).

        Also, the formula for a damaging skill the skeleton are using is roughly ” a random number from 1 to 6, plus one half of the attacker’s Atk”, so I should report damage in the 250 range but instead get only the base damage (1-6 points)..

        I’m using a custom equipment slots script whcih generates several Accessory slots, but I’m trying this with a normal shield so it shouldn’t conflict..

  4. Try using the new version of the script. I changes line 134 form if equips.atype_id = @equip_slots.point to if equip.etype_id = @equip_slots.point.

    • Dan84

      Nope, it still doesn’t work. 😦

      Just to check if I’m understanding this script correctly:
      The tag “Equip Slots X” creates the equipment slots for the X slot type (so “Equip Slot 0” is a weapon, “Equip Slot 1” is a shield and so on), while the “Equips X” tag actually equips the Xth object?

  5. Dan84

    So to equip a shield in the 6th position in the database under Armor,

    “equip slots: 1”
    “equips: 6”

    should work. But it still doesn’t, even with the new script. 😦

  6. Maia

    Doesn’t work for me either and I’ve tried for 2 hours.

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