Pokémon for Ace Version 8 and Beyond

For those of you who haven’t seen yet. Pokémon for Ace version 8 is out now. (You can get that here). This version has a lot (and I mean a lot) of bug-fixes and new features. I’m not going to say that this is the penultimate version of Pokémon for Ace,  because its not. There are many things that still need to be done (for example, Rotation and Inverse Battles). With this new version, I am going to make my own Pokémon fangame. The game is meant as a sequel to Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness for the Nintendo GameCube, as well as a continuation on Hilbert/Hilda and N’s story from the 5th generation games. The premise is that you are playing as Hilbert/Hilda about three years after the events of the first Black and White games as he/she embarks on a new journey through time and space against a newly reformed Cipher and their Shadow Dialga. For this project, I am going to need sprites and character artwork for a number of characters that are either original or are from Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. I will also need a name for this game and a logo for it. I will set up a new page with this blurb and information on how to submit resources to me and more specifics on what I need.

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11 thoughts on “Pokémon for Ace Version 8 and Beyond

  1. redcachalot

    Long ago, when Ruby 1.9 was still young,
    a lone scripter began making the Pokemon starter kit to end all starter kits.

    This kit evolved infront of the eyes of eager netizens upon a highly popular website,
    that left many others in sheer awe at the magnitude of this endeavour…
    Until that very same scripter disappeared as mysteriously as he came,
    seemingly abandoning the project worth a gajillion dreams.

    Now that it’s been 3,000 years, version 8 has arrived to unzip the long awaited stable release of the Kit of Dreams.
    It was to be hailed by all acolytes of this grand quest, whether they be well-known posters or cryptic lurkers, for destiny had chosen it to mark the return of Pokemon for Ace,

    I salute you Rubymaster-extraordinaire… you have unleashed the veritable Crown Jewel of RMVX-Ace upon the world.

  2. Gregory Hu

    I have a quick question about Pokemon for Ace Version 8. After I download the graphics and music and put them into the appropriate folders, do I need to do anything else? I’m asking because I get some bugs when testing a new game. Here is an example: “Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411: NameError occurred.”

    Game_Interpreter:1411:in `eval’: undefined local variable or method `show_minima
    p’ for # (NameError)
    from Game_Interpreter:1411:in `eval’
    from Game_Interpreter:1411:in `command_355′
    from Game_Interpreter:197:in `execute_command’
    from Use Item on Event:108:in `execute_command’
    from Game_Interpreter:103:in `run’
    from Game_Interpreter:60:in `block in create_fiber’

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, but to no avail. Your help is appreciated.

    • Check the into event and remove that script call. I had to remove the minimap script and I forgot to remove that. I might get a patch going for a couple of changes to the scripts and a change to the map with that event.

      • Gregory Hu

        Ok that part is fixed. I’m sorry to bother you again, but I got another error. It says:

        Item Effects:213:in `block in extra_evs’: undefined method `extra_evs’ for nil:N
        ilClass (NoMethodError)
        from Item Effects:213:in `each’
        from Item Effects:213:in `inject’
        from Item Effects:213:in `extra_evs’
        from Pokémon Battle System:4362:in `block (3 levels) in process_action_e
        from Pokémon Battle System:4351:in `each’
        from Pokémon Battle System:4351:in `block (2 levels) in process_action_e
        from Pokémon Battle System:4338:in `each’
        from Pokémon Battle System:4338:in `block in process_action_end’
        from Pokémon Battle System:4332:in `each’
        from Pokémon Battle System:4332:in `process_action_end’
        from Mega Evolution:453:in `process_action’
        from Scene_Battle:48:in `update’
        from Pokedex:1746:in `update’
        from Party Dying Battle BGM:130:in `update’
        from Scene_Base:14:in `main’
        from MOG_Weather_EX:694:in `main’
        from Graphical Object Global Reference:201:in `main’
        from Video Player:153:in `run’
        from Map Screenshot:971:in `run’
        from Screenshot taker:215:in `run’
        from Main:10:in `block in ‘

        Thanks again.

      • Have you installed the patch I posted today?

  3. Gregory Hu

    I actually downloaded patch 8.2, but it said 8.1 when I unzipped it. So I think I got the wrong files. Could you double-check it?

    • It’s just a file naming issue. Don’t worry about it.

      • Gregory Hu

        Hmm well the patch still isn’t working. I still have the above problem and other bugs. I just needed to copy+paste the content of the patch right? Or should I re-download it?

  4. Cory Phillips

    same issue as gregory 😦

  5. benjamin

    i get ´´ error ocurred, check the debug console for more information´´

  6. i get ´´ error ocurred, check the debug console for more information´´

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