Crystal Engine – Show Species Introduction

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Note: I did not write this script. Not the whole thing at least. FL wrote the original for Pokémon Essentials and I modified the script to work for for Pokémon for Ace.


This script is for Pokémon for Ace. It shows a picture with the Pokémon species in a border, show a message with the name and kind, play it cry and mark it as seen in pokédex. Good to make the starter selection event.

How the Script Works?

To call it, use showSpeciesIntro(specie,complement) where the specie is the species number and complement is an optional string complement (like “f” or “_3″) to show other sprites like the female one or the other forms ones.
Ex: ‘showSpeciesIntro(4)’ shows Charmander,
‘showSpeciesIntro(422,”_1”)’ shows Shellos in East Sea form.

Script Download

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Pokédex

Download the Latest Version


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One thought on “Crystal Engine – Show Species Introduction

  1. gondrazz

    How can i change the pokemon’s description?

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