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This script replicates the Pokegear function from Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. This allows you to use several different functions, such as a map and a phone system

What is the Pokégear?

From the Bulbapedia Article on the Pokégear

Pokémon Gear (Japanese: ポケモンギア Pokémon Gear), mostly known as Pokégear (Japanese: ポケギア Pokégear), is an electronic device found in Johto. It looks like a large, advanced wristwatch with the Silph Co. logo on it. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the player receives a Pokégear from their mother at the start of their journey. Similar devices are the PokéNav, the Pokétch, the C-Gear, and the Player Search System.

The Pokégear is an important tool for Trainers, some see it necessary to have one on a Trainer’s adventure. The player is able to have access to the Pokégear by selecting it from the menu. At that, it is easy to navigate through the Pokégear by selecting through four different functions located at the top-left of the screen. It displays the map of the region, names of previously fought Trainers, and the current time. It also allows players to call registered Trainers. Certain functions need to be unlocked during the game by receiving special expansion cards.

The Pokégear returns in the Generation IV remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver. The interface has been completely redesigned, using both screens on the Nintendo DS. The top will always display the time function on the Pokégear, while the touch screen will display the other different functions of the Pokégear, as well as selecting other functions using the touch screen. The outer aesthetics of the Pokégear have changed abruptly as well. The whole Pokégear is a flip top, while the bottom section of the Pokégear is used to scan special expansion cards to upgrade it with other functions. Its color skin is changeable between blue (standard for male players), pink (standard for female players), a Team Rocket theme, a Japanese dojo theme, a Pokémon League theme, and teal-and-white with a Silph Co. theme.

Map Notetags

<region: sym> Sets the region for the map

<area: string> Sets the area for the map (Case Sensitive!!!!!!!!)

Script Calls

add_contact(id) Add the phone contact with the specified id

delete_contact(id) Remove the phone contact with the specified id

show_map(show_player = true) Show the map to the player

add_destination(name) Add the fly destination with the specified name

delete_destination(name) Remove the fly destination with the specified name

fly_processing(show_player = false) Open the fly screen

Script Download

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Pokégear

  1. ExplosiveLlama

    How do I use the map and fly? Whenever I try to access the map with the script you wrote for the pokemon center or the pokegear it comes up with Script ‘Pokegear’ line 590: No method error occurred. When i use fly it comes up with Script ‘Scene_Skill’ line 96: no method error occurred.

  2. Dragonfire7766

    Same issue when using fly has anyone figured this out yet?

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