Crystal Engine – Berries


This script replicates the berry system from Pokemon. Allowing you to grow items
and then harvest them.

How to Berries Work

From the Bulbapieda Article on Berries

Much as other aspects of the Pokémon franchise received their most major updates in the transition from Generation II to Generation III, the Berry system was completely overhauled inGeneration III. Each of the Berries introduced in Generation III was given a number, not unlike the Pokédex numbers given to Pokémon, with the first ten in this ordering system having identical or nearly-identical effects to the Berries of Generation II. Several more Berries, found at the end of the listing, are extremely rare, with effects similar to items like X Attack. A majority of Berries, however, find their only use in being made into Pokéblocks for Contests. In the same way most Pokémon resemble real-world animals, these Berries typically resemble real-world fruit (though not all fruit represented are Berries, botanically or in common parlance, in real life). Descriptive tags detail some of their traits, much like a Pokédex entry, which are often shared with their real-world counterparts.

Rather than regenerating at midnight and only producing one fruit, all Berries now have specific growth times – ranging from four hours to four days – and four stages of maturity which advance at quarters of the full maturity time. The Berries can be roughly grouped into sets with similar growth times, yields, flavors profiles, and uses. Berries may also be planted wherever there is soft soil now; a picked Berry plant now disappears, leaving behind soft soil, rather than staying fixed in the same spot forever.

Item Notetags

<hours per stage: x>  Sets the number of hours for each growth stage

<min yield: x>  Sets the minimum number of items you cna get from a plant

<max yield: x>  Sets the maximum number of items you cna get from a plant

<plural name: x>  Sets the name for the item when the plant has more that 1

<mulch type: x>  Sets the type of mulch for the event
1 = stays on the tree longer, more watering needed
2 = falls off the tree faster, less watering needed
3 = keeps the berries on the trees longer
4 = berries regrow more times

Script Calls

set_mulch(type, id)  Sets the mulch for the event to id the id of it’s type (:item, :weapon, or :armor)

plant_berry(type, id) Sets the berry for the event to id the id of it’s type

water_berry  Waters this event

print_berry_state Display the berry state in a message

print_tree_berries Displays the berries on the tree in a message

reset_berry Clears the berry data for this event

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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One thought on “Crystal Engine – Berries

  1. Can you tell me how to use this? Its very confusing

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