Pokemon for Ace Version 1

This post is notifying everyone that Pokemon for Ace Version 1 has been released. It has many more things in it that the Demo version doesn’t. Download it from the Downloads page. Enjoy 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Pokemon for Ace Version 1

  1. Tamsynn

    ok so far 2 errors
    1) no icons causing crash
    2) error with battle
    Script ‘Simple Abilities’ line 102: NameError occurred.
    Error Occurred, check th debug console for more information.

    ‘item_effect_add-state_normal’: undefined local variable or method target’ for #

  2. thessbmzocker

    All I get is a black screen whenever I try to play the game either on the RPG Maker itself or from the player…can somebody help?

  3. I seem to be having trouble with shadow pokemon. I made an enemy put the notetag in the notetag field, but when i go to battle this enemy the game crashes.

  4. okay i figured out have to give trainers shadow pokemon but when i go into battle i get undefined method [] in pokemon battle system line 317.

  5. Raylaight

    Everytime i start the Play Test, i get this errot “Unable to find file – Error ocurred, check the debug console for more information” same problem with version 2.

  6. This crashed at start
    “unable to find file”
    Error occurred, check the debug console for more information

  7. This message comes up when I try and start the game
    “Unable to load file. Error occurred, check the debug console for more information”

  8. joseph

    i get the same error

  9. rubydragon44

    As do I

  10. jones

    can i have a link to a video or an explain to extract and add it to the game after the download please ?

  11. gondrazz

    Hi, hi have a big problem, hope someone can help me: When i have more than 1 pokemon in my team and i start a battle, if the enemy defeats my 1st pokemon, the battle ends saying ‘Nate has no more usable pokémon’

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