Pokémon Limit Breaks



Those who have been following Pokémon X and Y up to now probably know that Pokémon sorta got a “Limit Break” system, Mega Evolution. But, so many questions still remain. How does to activated? What are the conditions? When does it wear off? What changes occur?

While not much is known canonically, I will offer several theories I have about the mechanic.

  1. Activation Mechanics
    • Menu Command
      • You have a new section on the menu that activates the transformation.
    • Automatic
      • When you meet all conditions, Mega Evolution automatically happens.
  2. Requirements (Besides the Mega Stone)
    • “Limit” Gauge
      • You have a bar that fills up by certain criteria(either fixed or changeable). When it fills up completely the Pokémon can Mega Evolve.
      • Low HP
        • When your Pokémon reaches low HP, it can Mega Evolve.

My questions for you are.

  1. What is you opinion of the mechanic?
  2. How do you think this system will work?
  3. How do think this will effect the Metagame?
  4. Do you think Mega Stones will be banned in competitive battles?
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6 thoughts on “Pokémon Limit Breaks

  1. Tamsynn

    1) i think its a good and intresting thing to have
    2) i think that it probably be either automatic or low hp thing
    3) not sure because there are not many mega evos confirmed yet but possibly not too much difference
    4) nah dont think they’ll be banned as there official but i guess will be depends on how they are obtained (think if there done via special events then possibly due to fairness)

    on a side note if you decide to do this before the release of x and y maybe you could allow for all those to be used (tp makes good limit break gauge and i think victor sant has a script that could be helpfull but really cant help more than there)

  2. 1. I’m not a fan of giving it to pokes that could have easily just had an evolution (Mawile and Absol), but I’m not against it either.
    2. I’m going to assume it’s automatic, or have like five uses before you take your pokémon back to the pokémon center – like PP.
    3. I don’t think it’ll break it like many people on forums believe because there have always been strong pokémon that have been taken down easily.
    4. Only if they are overwhelmingly powerful, and, like Tamsynn said, if most of the mega stones are from events. I believe the Torchic stone is the only stone to be event only, so far, though.

  3. 1. If any other pokemon than Lucario, Absol, Mawile, ect have it, like Roserade or Froslass, I’m in on the mega evolution. But if it’s just the ones announced it’s pointless.
    2. My theory on activation is low hp. The reason is that’s how most limit breaks are.
    3. Like Tamsynn said, not much is said about other mega evos, so not sure how the metagame will happen.
    4. I quess mega evos MIGHT be banned, depending on the pokemon. Smogon might give details on that when x and y are released.

  4. Azymus

    What if I need it for digimon but not pokemon? Then, How i can do it? please tell me what is the notetags and explain it in the orders to do.

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