Crystal Engine – Symphony Fly


This script makes it so that you can target a foe using a leap and it also makes it so you can assign skills that can hit the foe and deal additional damage when the opponent is “Flying”.In addition you have “leap types” so that you can make moves like Dig and Dive where different moves deal additional damage. Also you have streamline messages that are displayed that are displayed on the turn that you leap on.

Skill Notetags
<leap type: string> Sets the “leap type” for the skill
<hit leap: type> Can hit the specified leap type
<leap type damage: +x%> Adds x% to the damage done to that leap type
<leap type damage: -x%> Subtracts x% from the damage done to that leap type
<leap message> The message when the use leaps
</leap message>

State Notetags
<hit leap: type> All attacks can hit the specified leap type.


Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Leap Attack Symphony

Script Download

Download the Latest Version


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