Crystal Engine – Party States

Script Header Text

This script makes party states (states that are inflicted to one entire side of battle).

What are “Party States”?

This script functions very similarly to Yanfly’s Field States script. The key difference is that Yanfly’s script effects all the actors and enemies, while this one effects only the side of who the skill hit. Refer the Yanfly’s script for more information.

Skill/Item Notetags

<add party state: x, y> Adds the specified party states

<remove party state: x, y> Removes the specified party states

Script Download and Requirements

Download the Latest Version

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One thought on “Crystal Engine – Party States

  1. Just curious. Has anyone actually gotten this to work at all?
    I had to completely re-write the ‘add_party_states’ and ‘remove_party_states’ methods in order to fix a major error in the creation of the integer array of state ID’s.

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