Crystal Engine – Mimic Skills

Script Header Text
This script provides two skill miming effects for moves. One of the effects simply coppies the effect and uses it on the foe (or the user if it affects allies). The other is the mimic move is replaced until the battle’s end (or if the user dies).

Mimic Varities

  • Temporary Learn (Skills replace the mimic skill until the end of battle)
  • Copy Action (Copies the target’s action)

Skill Notetags
<mimic>  Sets the skill to copy the target’s last action

<borrow move>  Sets the skill to borrow the targets’s last skill for the remainder of the battle

Use this if you want enemies to be able to borrow skills as well.

class RPG::Enemy < RPG::BaseItem
  def actions
    set = []
    set += @actions
    ids  = []
    set.each {|action| ids.push(action.skill_id)}
    $data_skills.each do |skill|
      next if skill.nil?
      action =
      action.skill_id =
      set.push(action) unless ids.include?(

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required:  Tsuki’s Action History

Download the Latest Version

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One thought on “Crystal Engine – Mimic Skills

  1. Mitchell aka Audrey

    Looks like CRYSTAL’s using Tackle on all of the Pokemon features. It’s Super Effective! (Don’t hurt me lol)
    Was lightningrod something you were going to do soon? I remember I asked Victor about it.
    I don’t really know if you’d want to, or how it would work, but yeah, there could also be a repel skill/element feature as well :3

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