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This script allows for a basic pokedex with data on each class to be displayed to the player. This script allows for a background and multiple pokedexes as well reordering the national pokedex.

What is a Pokédex?

From the Bulpapedia Article on the Pokédex

“The Pokédex (Japanese: ポケモン図鑑 illustrated Pokémon encyclopedia) is a digital encyclopedia created by Professor Oak as an invaluable tool to Trainers in the Pokémon world. It gives information about all Pokémon in the world that are contained in its database, although it differs in how it acquires and presents information over the different media. However, they are also only given to a few Trainers at a time, generally to the ones that are felt to have exceptional potential and skill. There are different types of Pokédexes and each Pokédex is special to a specific region.

Pokédex entries typically describe a Pokémon in only two or three sentences. They may give background information on the habitat or activities of a Pokémon in the wild or other information on the Pokémon’s history or anatomy. Pokédex entries also include height, weight, cry, footprint, location, other forms, and a picture of the Pokémon.”

Where can I find a full Pokédex

Uses these as a model in building your own Pokedex.

Class Notetags

<kind: string> Sets the kind in the pokedex page
<battleback x: string> Sets the battle back for the pokedex page x is the battleback id. 1 is the floor and 2 is the sky
<music: string> Sets the music for the pokedex page
<height: x> Sets the height for the class in decimeters(dm) (conveted to and displayed as meters(m)) 1m = 10dm
<weight: x> Sets the height for the class in hectograms(hg) (conveted to and displayed as kilograms(kg)) 1kg = 10hg
<pokedex entry> Sets the Pokedex entry
</pokedex entry>
<icons form: x, y> Sets any and all icons to be displayed on the Pokedex screen form is to be set to the form of the Pokemon

Map Notetags

<region: string> # Sets the region for the map using the symbols in the config. (DO NOT PUT A COLON AT THE START OF THE STRING!!!!) Only the Pokedex of that region contain that symbol. The National Pokedex(:national) ignores this rule.

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels

Required: Crystal Engine – Class Sprites

Download the Latest Version

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19 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Pokédex

  1. i’m making a region pokedex for my game and on the other region pokedex’s they have numbers.
    i understand they are the number of the pokemon, but what do i need to do to number them? And in the cry section, how do I add a cry? Also where is this pokedexmenubg thing? Do I need to make my own or something?

  2. This is the one I use:
    You may have to edit the size a little to match you screen size. Make sure that you center it when you resize because the windows move to be centered if it is bigger or smaller than the size of 512 by 384.

    The cries are sound files in Audio/SE. They are named exactly like they are for the Pokemon Battle System.

    The arrays for each Pokedex contains the ids for each Pokemon in that Pokedex listing. Numbering is determined by these arrays in the script. This starts at zero, so if you don’t want a Pokemon numbered 0, at the beginning of the array put either 0 or nil.

  3. are the pokemon sorted in classes? I would assume that’s the reason there are those numbers, but I’m pretty confused here…I’ll try it out…

    • The numbers are the class ids of the species in the Pokédex. The script takes the list and generates Pokédex numbers from what you placed in the list.

  4. Bigpokemonfan

    I need some help. After I select the Kanto Pokédex, the error pops up like this:

    Script ‘Pokedex’ line 756 NameError occurred.

    undefined local variable or method ‘class_data’

    What I do wrong?

  5. i don’t see the pokedex command on the menu. And where do I put the pokedex picture that selects a certain pokedex?

    • Use YEA – Ace Menu Engine to add the command. Use the handler :command_pokedex.
      For the background place it in Graphics/System.

  6. Ezekyel

    Hey i’m new on your site and thank you for your script !

    I have installed all the Required scripts and i have this error :

    Script ‘CE Pokedex’ line 198: syntaxError occurred

    The script ‘Crystal Engine – Pokedex’ requires the latest
    version of Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes ans levels to work properly

  7. Tamsynn

    right slight issue with pokedex its the height
    = 0m
    = 7.1m

    need it to show 0.71m

    • You can’t carry the number out to two decimal places, at least I don’t think so. Try using <height: 7.1> and tell me what it shows.

  8. Jake

    how do i set the varibles for seen and caught?

    • They should be at the bottom of the module. Put the ids of the variables you want and they auto update every time you capture a Pokémon. You can’t manually change the values though.

  9. TheThirdNexus

    Whenever I set the PokedexObtained control switch to on and select it in the menu the game crashes and says Script ‘Pokedex’ line 728: TypeError occurred. How do I fix this?

  10. infidelthedoc

    Sets any and all icons to be displayed on the Pokedex screen form is to be set to the form of the Pokemon

    I don’t understand this icons variable. Can you explain?

    Form is pokemon’s form, so 0 is deafult? For example in Rattata’s case it is 0: 650, what does that 650 mean?

  11. I’m having a problem, i have this error. Script ‘Crystal Engine – Pokedex’ NameError Occurred
    uninitialized constant CRYSTAL::POKEDEX::POKEMON Please help me.

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