Crystal Engine – Leap => Fly


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This script is an add-on for Victor Engine – Leap Attack. This script changes the behavior of the leap attacks to function like Fly from the Pokemon games. With this battlers can be targeted and even hit with special skills that can be set to deal increased of decreased damage to the target if they are in the air. This also allows you to make multiple “leap types” which also enables skills like Dig of Dive which are hit by different types of attacks than Fly is.

What  is Fly?

From the Smogon article on Fly

“The user enters a semi-invulnerable state for the turn the move is used. The next turn, the user exits that state and deals to the target. If the move is prevented from being used after the user has entered the semi-invulnerable state, then the entire move is canceled, but PP is still deducted. The user cannot make a move between turns. If the user holds the item Power Herb, the user will not enter the semi-invulnerable state and simply deal damage to the target that turn. The user can still be hit by Gust, Hurricane, Sky Uppercut, Smack Down, Thunder, Twister, and Whirlwind while in the semi-invulnerable state, or if it was previously targeted by Mind Reader or Lock-On, or if the opponent has No Guard. Gust and Twister strike with double their usual Base Power when the target is in the semi-invulnerable state. The user will still take sandstorm and hail damage on the turn it is in the semi-invulnerable state. This move cannot be used while Gravity is in effect. This move also has an in-game effect that allows the player to fly to any town or facility with a Pokemon Center they have previously visited.”

Skill Notetags
<leap type: string> Sets the “leap type” for the skill
<hit leap: type> Can hit the specified leap type
<leap type damage: +x%> Adds x% to the damage done to that leap type
<leap type damage: -x%> Subtracts x% from the damage done to that leap type
<leap message> The message when the use leaps
</leap message>

State Notetags
<hit leap: type> All attacks can hit the specified leap type.


Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Victor Engine – Leap Attack

Script Download

Download the Latest Version


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2 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Leap => Fly

  1. Ryan

    I keep getting an error in line 1 about an undefined object, even though there is nothing in that line.

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