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This script replicates the box storage system form Pokemon. This script permits you to organize you extra party members in the Boxes. You can have as many boxes as needed, but keep in mind the extra boxes won’t exist unless you restart the game.

What is Box Storage?

From the Bulbapedia article on the Pokémon Storage System

“A Pokémon Storage System allows Pokémon to be stored and transmitted as computer data, and allows Trainers to keep more than the six Pokémon allowed in the party. The first such system was originally developed by Bill. There have been at least six versions of the Storage System seen in various games.

Pokémon Storage Systems are typically accessed through the PCs in Pokémon Centers.”

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System

Download the Latest Version

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19 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Box Storage

  1. Tommy

    Nice!You should make a script that makes evolution easier

  2. where do I put all the graphics? I see in your script about Icon Folder and Box Folder, what does that mean?

    • Those are folders in graphics. The box folder is for box backgrounds and is avalible for download on this page. Icons is for 64 by 64 icons (the kit uses dual frame icons of 128 by 64) of each class.

      • 64×64 Icons… you mean the same size as the iconset icons or can I make custom ones?

      • They are individual files named similarly to the sprites for class sprites with ‘icon’ at the front.

  3. So the icons are seperate files, and need to put the name ‘Icon’ in the front of each one, make 2 folders in the graphics folder called Icon Folder and Box Folder. As in front you mean the name of the icon right? Like Ralts(icon) in Icon Folder

    • It would be like ‘icon001’ for Bulbasaur and you just number down. You can also do other forms and gender differences, provided you have Genders and Forms.

  4. kotan22

    hi, i’m have an issue with implementing the scrip, is there some way that you have to assign an icon to the class in the database, it just says that the class does not have an icon file for it, thanks in advance for any help

  5. kotan22

    i tried changing “Pokemon Icons” to “icons” as the folder is called but still no joy

  6. Nicolas

    When I’m trying to catch a pokemon it said undefined method each for Nil:Class. It’s in the line 360 of the pokemon box storage script why?

  7. ben

    When you mean How to Use
    Put above main and below Scene_GameOver your saying all require scripts?

  8. hello
    script “Crystal Engine – Storage Box” has a little trouble
    the box does not change when we move beyond the “BOX_CAPASITY”
    it seems that “if @ boxes [@ current_box]. full?” does not work

    • someone from somewhere

      hey i had same problem as yours and i finally figure out the way to move boxes when box is full!!

      first in this part

      # * Is the box full?
      def full?
      !@contents.compact @contents.compact.count == n

      (n is a number for the box capacity that you wrote on module section. and i guesss this ‘n’ could be substitute with the line ‘CRYSTAL::BOX::BOX_CAPASITY’ but i’m not sure of it cuz i didn’t try it.)

      and in this section

      # * Create Command List
      def make_command_list
      add_command(“Deposit”, :deposit, !@box.full?) <== erase '!@box.full?'
      add_command("Withdraw", :withdraw, withdraw?)

      this will work
      if you have difficulty send me a mail

      ps. thanks for this great script crystalnoel42!

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