Crystal Engine – GF Menu

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This is an add-on for Crystal Engine – GF Junction. It gives you control over the learning options of GFs and can view their stats.

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – GF Junction

Required: Crystal Engine – Guardian Forces

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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5 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – GF Menu

  1. Johnny

    I’m using Xail System’s Menu Delux, and i try adding the GF Menu to the list of commands, but i keep getting an error, if i use the GF menu as a common event, it jumps to the GF Window but i can’t see my GFs, i looked at the demo,and tried to copy everything exactly like in the demo, but when the command is lauched by common event, i only seem my first character which is in index 1. Is it posibble that the script is incompatible with the XS Menu Delux?

  2. cliff

    When a gf is junctioned and has all skill
    Learned I get a can’t convert nil to interger error

  3. Scott

    Ok I’ve imported all the scripts and I think I’ve taken care of most of the errors but not when I try to set up a skill to be learned I get a NoMethodError undefined method ‘has key’ nil:nilclass here is the script.

    def include?(item)

  4. Kyle

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ still no fix for this T-T ^^^^^^^^^^ ???

  5. Jake

    this script needs updated, i to am getting the def include?(item)
    @actor.learning_skills.has_key?( error… please fix

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