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This is an add-on for Crystal Engine – Guardian Forces. It allows you to junction your GFs to your actors so they gain EXP and learn skills with AP.

What is a Junction?

From the FF Wiki page on the Junction System

“The Junction System (接合システム, Setsugou Shisutemu?) is a technology and skill system in Final Fantasy VIII.

The Junction System is a device that allows the user to replicate the powers of a sorceress via the storage and control of magical powers and Guardian Forces. The system can store 32 different forms of Para-Magic with a stock of 100 units of each form. The system acts as a type of filter, filtering out magic (known as drawing) from a being or entity and storing it ready to be used or junctioned by the user. This allows the user to possess near superhuman abilities, such as increased speed and strength, as well as being able to use magic. Various Junction Systems are seen in wide use in the military forces.”

Note that this script does not support magic junctioning.

Class Notetags

<learn by ap> With this in the class learning box the skill is learned by AP instead of Level up

Skill Notetags

<gf skill: x> Sets it as a GF Learn Skill for x AP

Enemy Notes

<ap: x> Sets the AP distributed to x

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Guardian Forces

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

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6 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – GF Junction

  1. Mitchell aka Audrey

    Hey Crystal, I was wondering, would you be willing to make an Equipping-Skill system version of this unlike the permanant Learning-Skill engine you have here? Like Final Fantasy Dissidia, minus the mastering-skills-to-lower-their-cost aspect just ’cause I don’t know if you’d be willing to do that part, although you can add it if you want to be authentic to Dissidia, I’d use it.
    More information would be here ->

  2. Mitchell aka Audrey

    (Minus the Guardian Forces ’cause it’s more of personal learning than guardian-envoked learning.

  3. Izzy

    Hey there…. i got a little problem and i don’t have a clue how to fix it… i got this error after defeating an enemy who gave me 20 AP

    Script ‘GF Junction’ line 273:NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

    the line says the following:
    272 def gain_ap(ap)
    273 @learning_skills[@learning_skill][0] += [ap, @learning_skills[@learning_skill][1] – @learning_skills[@learning_skill][0]].min
    274 end

    i hope you can help me >-<

  4. Ale

    I use the script Galv menu layout
    is it possible visualize the GF like this with the pictures ?

  5. Bramble

    Hey, I was wondering is it at all possible to make one GF locked to one player? please and thank you~ (I want all of the party members to be stuck with one, except the protagonist who can switch)

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