Crystal Engine – Day Care and Eggs

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This script allows for monster eggs for the player to have in their party after the set number of steps for the egg countdowns to 0 then the egg hatches and becomes the set class. There is also a day Care option for this script. Day Care is a system to raise actors and increase their levels.

What is Pokémon Day Care?

From the Bulbapedia article on the Pokémon Day Care

Pokémon Day Care (Japanese: 育て屋 Day Care) is a place for Pokémon Trainers to drop off their Pokémon to be raised in the care of other people, either the Day-Care Couple or just the Day-Care Man. Pokémon in Day Care gain one experience point per step the player takes.”

What are Pokémon Eggs?

From the Bulbapedia article on Pokémon Eggs

“A Pokémon Egg (Japanese: ポケモンのタマゴ Pokémon tamago) is an object from which all Pokémon are known to hatch. An Egg’s shell will usually have a pattern that reflects the appearance of the Pokémon developing inside, though in the games, this is not the case (likely to save space on the game media).

Pokémon Eggs are produced by breeding two Pokémon of a compatible Egg Group and opposite gender together and will contain, by default, the lowest species in the evolutionary line of the mother. According to a girl in Solaceon Town, where one of many Pokémon Day Cares are located, no one has ever seen a Pokémon lay an Egg, and thus, it is not confirmed that this is how they appear. No alternate explanation for their creation is offered, however, and most assume that the details are not gone into to keep the games appropriate for all audiences.

Some Pokémon, known as baby Pokémon, are also found by hatching them from an Egg created by their evolved forms, either naturally or through use of a held incense. Unlike other species which cannot breed, baby Pokémon evolve into species which can do so. The majority oflegendary Pokémon cannot breed in captivity, and thus cannot produce Eggs of themselves. However, a notable exception is made withManaphy and Phione, which both produce Phione Eggs if bred with Ditto.”

Script Download, Demo, and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Bub’s Gender Functions

Download the Latest Version

Download the Demo

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11 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Day Care and Eggs

  1. very well done! No bugs so far.

  2. Light

    I have a question- If we were to import our own fakemon, and edit all their details, is it possible to edit their egg group as well?

  3. dabum

    how come wen i put the class tags in the demo, and try to spawn an egg it doesnt work?

  4. dabum

    but i set the egg to spawn after 1 step and still no luck. all iget from daycare man is broken sentences. H enever mentions anything about an egg

  5. StrategicGamer

    I have a few questions about IV inheritance.
    -Can both actors in the day care have a item that automatically passes down a specific IV, or is limited to one per pair?
    -Are IV’s passed down like they normally are pokemon games, with 3 random ones being inherited(with the possibility of multiples of the same stat being inherited, causing the first one to have been inherited to be overwritten),and the rest being randomized, or is it something different?

    • 1. Both can have it, but if both do it randomly picks one out of the pair,.
      2. The script ensures that 3 different stats are inherited. The IV pass down item will insure one of the three is the stat the item passes down,

  6. Tamsynn

    Is it possible to include crossbreeds?

    • Tamsynn

      oh it doesnt matter think i just noticed the section in the script that would deal with crossbreeds

  7. Debo

    Can’t get anything to hatch in the demo. Neither the egg given by the kid in the field or the one from breeding. This would be perfect for my game if I could get it to work. PLEASE HELP! 🙂

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