Pokémon for Ace Footage

This is video of the Pokemon for Ace kit. This is fairly basic and should not be treated as exactly what the final product will be like.

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5 thoughts on “Pokémon for Ace Footage

  1. kurai

    impressing! i like the slightly modified version of the battle system.
    so.. if you need some graphical (or musical) help to finish the demo – i have 5 days free time from now.

  2. PokemonFan

    Awesome! It looks very nice. 😀
    But is there a way to get the sprites a little bigger?

  3. when is the kit coming out?

  4. João Rodrigues

    Awesome work. The only cons are the size of the sprites in-battle. It would be great if they were bigger. Apart from that, very nicely done. I am really happy 😀

    • João Rodrigues

      Also, I would prefer a textbox with two lines like the original games 🙂

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