Light and Sound Types


One of the rumors for Pokemon X and Y is the addition of the Light and Sound Types. My Question to you is what do you think of these new types? Are they a possibility? If I put them in Pokemon for Ace would you use them?


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12 thoughts on “Light and Sound Types

  1. blu1

    that would make some interesting attacks.. so i think it is justified to add these.
    but why is sound less effective against flying? and why is light strong against sound?
    i would want to customize that .. 😉

    • Go right ahead they are states in the Database. Just be aware that two of each type exist for the sake of ordering types.
      As for the questions I guess it has to do with the speed of sound. Military jets can break the sound barrier and light travels faster than sound.

  2. João Rodrigues

    Well, of course I would use them.
    More variety equals funnier strategy game 😉

  3. lightninggameroid13

    ghosts are weak against light so light types should be strong against ghost types.

  4. Mitchell

    I think Sylveon will be a flying type, since each eeveelution has to have a corresponding opponent, the only one without one is Jolteon, so Jolteon would then be Sylveon’s opponent, plus, Sylveon’s ribbons flutter about like they’re affected by wind, and it’s lighter than the other eeveelutions.

    • I am not going to add Sylveon or any Gen V Pokémon until X and Y come out. I would only make it a Light type if it is officially announced to be one. Sylveon could be any type at this point. Same deal with Xerneas and Yvaltal.

  5. KarjamP

    The new type is confirmed to be the fairy type. Sylveon is pure fairy-type, and the only confirmed thing about it is some Pokemon are retconned into being part fairy, there’s two moves and it’s super effective against the Dragon type.

    • KarjamP

      That, and the fact that certain new Pokemon are also fairy-type.

    • My plan is to keep the Light and Sound types in the base kit, but I will add fairy type to the kit. My plans are to have the types as states and use a small mini script to sort the states regardless of id for type order.

  6. Light

    A sound type would be perfect! *U* Mainly because I’m planning a fakemon game called Pokemon Harmony & Melody, so that would just be perfect!

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