What do you want in Pokemon for Ace?

This post is as the title implies. I am asking what you want in my Pokemon for Ace. Everything, will be taken into consideration and possibly implemented. You can either ask for something in the games that already exist or what you would like to see in Pokemon for the future.

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22 thoughts on “What do you want in Pokemon for Ace?

  1. Crazyman

    Rare Candy

  2. PokemonFan

    VM’s like Fly and Cut

  3. Certainly, Field Moves are a must.

  4. asdrsdfasdgadsgasd

    I think a game corner would be a neat addition, I wouldn’t be unhappy if it was omitted though. I would also really like to see a longer, more engaging campaign/story; something that doesn’t feel like you’re just going through the motions and collecting badges.

  5. FYI, this is Pokemon Starter Kit. I will make a game once the Kit is complete. I converted a Slot Machine script by Jet to Ace for this Kit. I will try to add other games like Voltorb Flip, although I didn’t like it because you couldn’t buy coins.

  6. kurai

    did you ever play digimon world 1?
    i always wished for a combat system in pokemon games that has a more active style.
    so if you didnt play it maybe consider youtube.. its not that far from ffxiii’s bs.

    to describe an image of the system:
    at the top left corner of the battle scene screen there are icons for:

    1: attack1
    2: attack2
    3: attack3
    4: attack4
    5: defend/do nothing
    6: item bag
    7: switch pkmn
    8: flee

    you select with left and right arrow and if one icon is selected (if attack 1 is firestorm, the icon is the fire symbol) the name (“firestorm”) would appear next under the icon row.
    for the visuals:
    pkmn sprites are charset sprites only for left and right.
    they are moving randomly around (not too randomly)
    if the atb timer hits 0 the last pressed icon command will happen. (so if fire icon 1 was pressed the pkmn will attack with “firestorm”)

    if this is not understandable enough i could paint it somehow together in photoshop tomorrow..

    • I see Victor’s ATB script being very useful in this situation. If that is right, then I recommend that you add the script and adjust some things to work better. Some people will not like the ATB system in Pokémon.

  7. Tamsynn

    think everything is covered but i agree gamecorner would be cool but i guess if we think about it then using other scripts this should be doable already

  8. TroublesomeKnight

    Someone needs to make a kit that includes things for people who want to make a mystery dungeon sort of game. Not just for Mystery Dungeon fan games, but for games similar to Mystery Dungeon where you’re playing as pokemon instead of just a trainer and their team.

  9. Gemon

    Is it possible to have an enemy (non-wild) Pokemon know more than four moves?
    I’m also curious how you are handling AI.

    • Yes, the way moves are set up is an array of move ids that can have as many skills as you want. If you want to have a selection system for the actors as opposed to just 4 moves you can by turning the actor limits off.

  10. Gemon

    One more thing. Is it possible to set a custom formula for states that degenerate (do damage) HP over time?

    • Gemon

      I forgot to add that this should also apply to Abilities, Items, etc, and work for the opposite as well (HP restoration).

    • Yes, I have all of Yanfly’s Lunatic scripts, so you can add almost any effects imaginable. I am using for some moves and status effects and advanced users can add their own effects.

  11. Just a intresting one. You know in BW/BW2 where your pokemon get to the red zone in health there’s some music and also when the gym leader’s final pokemon has some music as well? Maybe try that out! (Red zone I mean is when the health is red. Example: Magnemite got a critical hit and the health bar turns red and music plays.)

    • The victory BGM can be evented and will have an example. The issue with the red zone is memorizing where the BGM with out messing up other memorizing. This should be easy though.

  12. Nai94

    Could you put full character sprites for the gym leaders? Any chance you add more gym leaders? Or some choice to decide from more examples of main actor? Like diferente kinds of actors?

  13. Could you add full character sprites for the gym leaders? Like the full movement direction? Any chance on adding more gym leaders? And maybe something to add more options on what main actor to choice? Different options for both genders?

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