Resource Submission

This page is for the placement of resources for Pokémon for Ace. The rules are the same as before no changes except for one thing. Absolutely no GIFs Ace does not support them and I can’t get them to work. Scripts are to be complete scripts. That means do not request scripts here. I have a brief run through of what is optimal and will make what you give me what I need:

  • Animations need a project with it set up already
  • Battlers that are animated in other words all the Pokémon and animated trainers need to be named as such.
  1. Pokemon are {id 3 digits}_{form id}(s)(b). The ID is the national Pokedex number in 3 digits. Form ID is the id of the alternate forms it is usually 0 unless there are multiple forms or a female. Alternates count up from 0. 0 being the initial form. Females are 1 males are 0. Separate sprites for females are only needed if there is a physical difference. Add and s for shiny and a b for back. 2 versions are needed. The static image of the first frame and the strip with all the frames with [anim] on the end of the filename. The strips are 1 row.
  2. Trainers are the same but no pattern to naming pattern. Name it something that makes sense. The strips should be 2 rows. Row 1 is completely made of the final frame of the intro pose. Row 2 is the intro animation. The strips are not needed in this department.
  • I don’t really need Characters or Tilesets.
  • Windowskins and Battle Backs of all kinds are accepted.
  • Individual facesets for all the Pokemon under the naming pattern (normal 384 by 192, just only one face in the set at the top left-hand corner) there is no need for females unless they have their own artwork.
  • Portraits to go with those with a -1 at the end of the name
  • Use only official sources. Unless you are giving me images of GBA characters brought up to DS Quality.
  • Faces and portraits are made from offical artworks.’

I have examples please use them by all means.

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5 thoughts on “Resource Submission

  1. Jonathan

    Here’s Nate. – Regular – Anim

  2. Jonathan

    Here’s Rosa. – Regular – Anim

    • These were very good. Just like this. Anyone else reading this who wants to submit trainers make sure that your images look like this.

  3. PokemonFan

    Here’s a windowskin.

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