Crystal Engine – Traitor


This script allows actors and enemies to switch sides in battle. At the end of a battle actors on the enemy side leave the party for good and enemies that don’t die by the end of the battle join the party.

What does this do?

From the description form Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

A speechcraft skill that persuades a foe to become an ally

Actor/Enemy Notetags

<traitor rate: x%> Sets the percent rate of the battler turning traitor

Skill/Item Notetags

<traitor> Makes a skill a traitor skill

Script Download, Demo, and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels

Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Download the Latest Version

Download the Demo

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9 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Traitor

  1. pie

    CrystalNoel, I have a problem.
    Whenever the enemy(In this case) Slime, invites one of my actors, it turns into the actor base instead of the actor.

  2. Jake

    I can’t save or load files. The Traitor script hands out this error report:
    line 396: TypeError occured.
    can’t convert nil into Array

    Any ideas?

  3. Jake

    So much for my testing saves. ^_^;
    That fixed the problem entirely.

  4. showpei

    May I ask how to remove slime?I wanna make a breeding system,so i need slime to leave

  5. sorry im kinda a noob. I get this error when using the traitor skill

    Script ‘Crystal Engine – Traitor’ line 244: TypeError occurred.
    can’t clone NilClass

    any help?

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