Crystal Engine – Trainers



This gives an id and secret id to the player and to all actors. In addition the RPG::Trainer data class was added to be processed by other scripts.


Please use version 1.01 (or higher) of this script. Version 1.00 is obsolete.

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17 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Trainers

  1. i think the title to this is misleading, i always considered a trainer the person you fight against, its easy enough to event the player being a trainer…

    • I will write a battle system for this script eventually that checks ID and Secret ID to determine a foreigner Pokemon (More exp, but needs Gym Badges to follow all commands.). Essentially this is a basic script with room for expansion.

      • i think it could be worthwhile ( for us both ) to consider the merging of the scripts you have done with the ones i have done, i have already done tests for more accurate exp growth depending on certain conditions ( havent wrote the script yet though ) i have already done quite a condiserable amount regarding battle calculations and things of that nature, let me know what you think 🙂

  2. My exp script can use about anything to calculate, but a script to add more things to be used would be very cool. I use Yanfly’s Lunatic Script for effects and calculations. The merging would be nice because it could push the release of the kits forward because less scripts would need to be written. That is why I use the Master Script List to look for systems that already exist.

  3. i have already written the exp calculations for pokemon :p
    what scripts have you written for this project ?
    also have you asked for permission from the other scripters to use their scripts in this project ?

    • Most of the writers are okay with any form of non-commercial use others consider their scripts public domain and put no restrictions on it.
      I have written the following for the project
      1.Icons for the Pokémon
      2.Forms and gender rates
      3.Fast and easy way of getting sprites
      4.Classes and levels assigned to the enemies
      5.Capturing them
      6.Giving them equipment
      7.Exp formula(gen 4 formula in use)
      10.Stats calculator
      11.Full exp tables
      12.Trainer ID’s and Secret ID’s
      13.Pokédex is almost ready
      14.Hide the status window in the menu
      15.Trainer graphic and Pokémon Following
      16.All encounters can be tied to one enemy
      17.Removed Luck from the engine(hid it and made it useless)
      18.Removed the help window from ace status menu
      19.Adjusted animations for the menu opening(adjusted to right align menu)
      20.Auto detecting the number of frames and rows in an animated battler
      21.Adjusted the save menu if there is only one save
      22.Fixed the issue with the arrow not showing up for some fonts

  4. im interested in what a few of those acctually do…

    these are the numbers from above…
    3 – how do you do this
    6 – giving what equipment and why ? ive found nothing at all needs any equipment for a pokemon game
    8 – isnt this just a status effect that spreads to other party members ?
    10 – unsure what this does.
    16 – what does this do ?
    20 – could you elabortate on this please
    22 – what arrow ? lol

    • 3 Was with my class sprites script
      6 Equipment refers to hold items. I am running them in the armor tab for traits
      8 Yes I have a switch for Game_Battler so that is is randomly determined to exist and can be spread and will go away after so many days
      10 Sets up base Stats, IVs, EVs, and natures and uses them to calculate base stats
      16 All my encounters are one enemy in the database and trough script I am setting it’s class and level by the notes in the map notebox
      20 For VE-Animated Battle By Using the width and height of the one frame sprite it gets the number of frames and rows for the animated sprite, so i don’t have to put them all in the database
      22 The arrow in the equip window, but by the end i probably won’t use the equipment scene at all

      Now I have added a script that limits the number of skill and actor can know at any one time and set up a move pool for the enemies so that the AI is attached to one enemy, but they can’t use all the skills in their action list.

  5. interesting, it seems alot of the script you have done ihave also already done, e.g iv/ev/natures exp formula, capturing . things of that nature. i would ask to see your project but im gettingready to release a demo of mine and dont want anyone thinking ive stolen any ideas from you, soimay ask after cristmas when i release mine :p

  6. Tamsynn

    its good that your both using the database for pokémon related stuff and would be really cool if you 2 could work together with your kits

  7. PsarothePenguinslayer

    Hello there! I’m trying to use this system to try and do a Pokémon style battle system – but without Pokémon – Human V. Monster. You know how to do it?

    • I don’t understand what you want exactly. Do you want to remove the sendout or a system to switch party members during battle(like in FFX)?

  8. Moonpig

    im trying to use this but i followed ur tutorial and when the battle starts it shows my foe and says its name sent out ivysaur and it does my bite animation thats set at 135 or sumthing in the animations tab and does it twice in different locations then a error that says in the pokemon battle system script line 306:no method error occured. undefined method “turns_present=’for# and it says user.turns_present = 0 in line 306. idk practically anything in script so i swapped 0 for different numbers but still get it so i’m out of idea’s lol

  9. Vaan_Everick

    there’s not really a tutorial here on where to put these scripts, so if you could tell me where I need to put the trainer scripts into the program, that would be great.

  10. Chris Senecal

    Ok, So where does this script go? I got an error that says Crystal Engine Enemy classes and levels’ line 52 Name error occurred. Undefined method ‘load_database’ for class ‘Module.’ I’m pretty sure I have everything in the correct places. Except for this script. I’m working on another rpg which is coming a long nicely. Just thought I’d mess around with a Pokémon themed game.

  11. Shinteke

    Hey I’m getting an error that says:
    Unable to find file:
    Data/Trainer Classes.rvdata2

    Does anyone know what this problem is?

    • Devon Kiyosu

      Line 19 where it says

      USE_TRAINER_SET = false

      try changing it so it says

      USE_TRAINER_SET = true

      the error stopped showing up when I did it

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