Crystal Engine – Regional Swaps



This allows for you to have enemies that change class and a level by map.

Enemy Notetags

<region swap> Makes the enemy a region swap

Map Notetags

<region swaps> Opens the region swaps

[region: x] Specifies the region

y-z: a, b Sets the swap (class_id – chance: min level, max level)

<\region swaps> Closes the region swaps

Script Download and Requirements

Required: Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels

Download the Latest Version

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10 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Regional Swaps

  1. Nigel

    Can you maybe be more specific on the instructions? Or perhaps load a demo, because currently I have a map with two regions and what I have in the Map Notes is this

    [region: 1]
    005-100: 2, 3

    [region: 2]
    005-100: 2, 4

    The class of the enemy is “005” with a 100 chance of encountering. Region 1 I’m trying to have min level 2 and max 3. For region 2, Min of 2 max of 4. But no matter what, when I encounter an enemy it’s is always in level 1.

    • Did you set the enemy to be a region swap?

      • Nigel

        Yes. But I figured out my issue. It all had to do with script placement in the script list. I had to replace some incompatible ones, but after a few hours of testing and replacing, I got everything to work smoothly!

        Thanks for replying!

  2. Wyll

    Whenever I walk in the grass I get an error message Script ‘Game_Event’ line 24: Nomethoderror occurred. Undefined method ‘id’ for nil:NilClass. I have region swaps note tags on the enemy and on the map. I set region 1 to be the grass.

  3. Galaxyne

    hey i have a small question i’ve been trying to set up a region swap on region 1 but it gives an error on line 208 NoMethodError and I dont know why. now I must admit that Im fairly new to all of this but Ive had no trouble so far until i tried making random encounters work.

  4. RizakH

    Can reup the download link? I think the redirect link are currently broken =(

  5. stallion8426

    This link is broken…it says page not found…

  6. Emsg


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