Crystal Engine – Genders & Forms


This script is for adding gender rates to class then randomly generating one of the two genders based on the given rate.

The forms is set by script and should only be used if you have scripting knowledge. For those who don’t I’ve added form data for most Pokemon are in right now

Class Notetags

<gender rate: x to y> Creates the Gender Ration expressed as x males to y females, so a 0 to 1 ratio is always female and a 4 to 5 ratio makes it so that if you have 9 of a class in theory you should have 4 males and 5 females. However to note that there is a difference between theoretical and experimental probability.


Required: Bub’s Gender Functions

Script Download 

Download the Latest Version


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7 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Genders & Forms

  1. Tamsynn

    works great only thing is shouldnt female be x and male be y (considering the chromosomes and what not) only joking great script btw

  2. Tamsynn

    one slight question though what about genderless pokemon/classes

  3. Zorroac

    Line 319 Syntax error Oo

  4. DantNess

    it says unexpected $end. what does that mean?

    • Devon Kiyosu

      I got the same error.

      I added the word end and It seemed to stop the error

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