Crystal Engine – Class Sprites



This script allows for you to have sprites based by class and you can have a chance for your game to produce “shiny Pokémon” at random.
You name the sprites by the following pattern depending on if you have Genders&Forms installed
Examples are in the script
COMMON_EXTENTION is what is put on the end of all character sprites

Actor/Enemy Notetags

<no class sprite> The battler ignores this script


Required: Crystal Engine – Basic Module

Required: Crystal Engine – Enemy Classes and Levels

Script Download

Download the Latest Version


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21 thoughts on “Crystal Engine – Class Sprites

  1. mike

    Do you have a demo for this? I have tried inputting the scripts into my game and it doesn’t show the characters like your picture does. It looks amazing btw.

  2. mike

    I see what your script is supposed to do, but I can’t figure it out. Looking at the demo setting a sprite for each class ended up making everyone have the main actors face. Do you know what I did wrong?

  3. Nick

    I just got your script and it dose look amazing but the instructions say vary little about how to use it besides the actor notetage and it dose tell you how to name your files but what files are needed and what files can you use it dose not say it make one assume that it dose not work when in fact you clearly show it working.

    • Actually, the naming is there. Say you have class id no. 1. The file name would be 001 for shiny(alternate coloring) add an s to the end of the file name 001s. If you have Genders and Forms installed make sure that you place _{form id} after the class id. Unless you set a form id your number is 0. So, 001_0s for class id 1 form id 0 shiny. For battler sprites for actors make sure you add an text you place in BATTLER_EXTENTION at he end. Same deal with COMMON_EXTENTION for chacter sprites. Put a $ in front of the character name or else it will not find it and throw san error.

      • Nick

        i’m guessing that the class id in the data base would be 001 for class id 1 now what can i use to make it work? ex. characters, face sets and the like.

  4. Tamsynn

    errrr the download seams to be for gender and forms not classes

  5. Kah'zaad the Mad

    Yes, I checked the RPG community forum, but there’s no other way to get it, could you put class sprites on there instead of gender/forms? Thanks.

  6. Oh! I get it now! I’m trying to understand…I think…I checked out your “Traitors” demo, which has the script. Did you just rename it to Gender and Forms?

  7. Okay, awesome! Right now, I’m confused. I’m not so sure if I’m missing something. It wants a battler sprite, so what should I do for an animated one? I’m using Yami’s Battle Symphony stuff. I’m trying to figure out things right now, any suggestions?

  8. I’m just using her “Enemy Battler Sprite” thing:

    It’s basically just using the character sprite sets for the enemy as well. It’s not Holder’s sprites. I don’t know much about scripting, but it doesn’t look too complicated. The game just keeps asking me for a battler sprite for the guy, “class 32 Assassin”, which wants a format like “032_”, which I’ve done, and I assume I add a “0” at the end, like so: “$032_0”, which is in both the actor part and battler part.

    • I fixed the issue with the random underscore at the end of the name. Name a sprite 032 and put it in battlers folder. Are you looking for enemy character sets? I could write a quick add-on for you if you want.

  9. Now it works! I’m understanding what it’s trying to say now! All I need is to put the extensions needed! Thanks, you’re a lifesaver and a half x 1000+!

  10. Hmm…I got a good deal of stuff working. It’s now just when I convert the enemy to my team, it wants a character set for him, named “032b”, which I have. Do I need a new folder for the enemy character sets?

  11. Brandon

    Yeah I need help with this;

    Script ‘Crystal_ClassSprites’ line304 SyntaxError occurred.
    Class No.3 Green Slime needs a battler sprite please format it like this;

    I have no prior coding knowledge or knowledge of RPG Maker VX Ace, so I don’t know what to do to fix this situation.

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